Zacatecas is a small and walkable city and the mine tours can be reached after a eight block walk west from the Centro Historico.   The mine has two entrances open to the public: one near the terminal for the Teleferico on the hill El Grillo and the other just west of the center of the city on Avenue Benito Juarez to Avenue Torreón and then Avenue Antonio Davali Jaime.  

A good way to reach the mine tour is to combine it with a tour of the top of la Bufa and a ride on the
Teleferico or cable car.  Reach the top of La Bufa by road, taxicab, or by the walking trail up the west side of the hill.  Ask at the tourist office first about security and trail conditions concerning a walk to the top of the hill la Bufa.  
good tourist Information on Avenida Hidalgo, 326,  two blocks south of the Cathedral.     Receptur Viajes y Servicios
Avenida Hidalgo 326, Centro, 98000 Zacatecas         Tel (01)  492-925-2403 ‎

At the top of La Bufa a zip line ride to an adjacent hill is available along with a 16th Century church, shops, a meteorological observation building, and the Toma de Zacatecas Museum to the 1914 Battle for Zacatecas..
Zacatecas El Eden Mine tour can be reached by the Teleferico from Cerro de la Bufa or from a six block walk from the Centro Historico of Zacatecas.  From the Teleferico cable ride terminal on the hill el Grillo, one of two mine entrances is a short walk.
Zacatecas el Eden Mine Tour, Cerro de la Bufa, Cable Car, Sightseeing
Zacatecas Teleferico (right) reaches el Grillo hill and has its terminal near the entrance to the El Eden Mine.

of the city as it goes between the hill el Grillo and la Bufa.  
For forty peso the Teleferico cable ride from the hill la Bufa is a good way to reach Cerro El Grillo and one of two entrances to the El Eden mine tour.
A short walk on Calle (street) Benito Juarez west of the Centro Historico of Zacatecas will bring you to one of two entrances to the Eden Mine and the train ride into the mine.  The train ride stops at the gem museum and then a guided walking tour continues through the tunnels carved into the hill, Cerro el Grillo, on the western side of Zacatecas Centro Historico.

tunnels were carved into the hills during nearly four hundred years of production.  The lower levels of the mine are The mine is no longer producing gold, silver, lead, and other metals as it did until the 1960s.  The seven layers of now flooded with natural rain water and closed.  Two middle levels are open to tours, the gem museum, and a night The mine is no longer producing gold, silver, lead, and other metals as it did until the 1960s.  The seven layers of club.  
At the Teleferico end of the Eden Mine tour on the hill El Grillo it is a short downhill walk to the Cathedral and the historic center of Zacatecas.
Zacatecas Teleferico cable ride reaches the terminal on the hill El Grillo where one of two mine entrances is open
Zacatecas Flights from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana reach Zacatecas International Airport  (ZCL)  a 20 minute cab ride from the city.
Direct flights from
Los Angeles, Denver CO,  Houston, TX,  and Chicago IL are available.
El Eden Mine Tour, Zacatecas,  Mexico
producing silver gold and lead as early as the mid 1500s.
It and other mines in Zacatecas made the city one of the richest in Mexico during the colonial era.
Zacatecas still produces 40% of Mexico's silver but the Eden Mine is closed now except for tourism and for its use as a gem museum and night club
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