A Below ground tomb at Yagu Ruin Site  is opened for visits
Yagul, Oaxaca, Mexico, Archaeological Ruin Site
Yagul has the second largest I shaped ball court in Mesoamerica
Yagul Ruin Site tomb, Oaxaca,Mexico is opened for visits
Yagul's I shaped ball court is the Largest ball court in the area, second largest in Mesoamerica to Chichen Itza's I shaped court.
Yagul has a fortress on the hill above the ruin with a below-ground tomb and a sculpted rock formation called the Queens Bathtub. On the hill there is also pre-Colombian stone bridge.
Yagul Ruin site in Oaxaca is built on a hill with a great view of the Tlacolula Valley and a ten thousand foot peak to the west.
Yagul 's royalty lived higher on the site in the area of the six Patios
Yagul has several tombs, some open to  the public   The tombs were opened in Pre-hispanic times leaving just a few artifacts for archaeologists.
Yagul like other valley of Oaxaca site has a fortress on the hill  above the site. A below-ground tomb and a sculpted rock formation called the Queens Bathtub make the climb to the top worth the trip. Yagul has also a pre-Colombian stone bridge on the hill.
Yagul's tomb decorations are similar to geometric patterns found at Mitla and Teotitlan del Valle.
Yagul saw a second building phase after 1100 AD and was Inhabited until the Spanish forced the people to move to the present day town of Tlacolula.
View of the valley from the Acropolis
The Six Patios where crews are stabilizing walls and adding fresh stucco
Mitla Ruin Site has a unique architectural style characterized by geometric mosaic stone sculptural elements. A Spanish Colonial era church  is built over parts of the original site.

Oaxaca City has many ruin sites within thirty miles of the city. Theses major archaeological sites with building stages that span 1200 BC to 1519 AD are open to the public and can be reached by car, taxi, or public bus.
Of this group
Monte Alban, Mitla, and San Jose El Mogote have museums and can be reached easily by public transportation.
Yagul, Ruin Site is located in the Oaxaca Valley on Route 190,
20 miles southeast  of the city of Oaxaca

The Zapotec culture built the site in 600AD to 950AD  with a second building phase from 1100 AD to 1500 AD.

Hours: 8:00AM to 6:00 PM
Yagul, Oaxaca, Mexico, Archaeological Ruin Site in the valley of Oaxaca is noted for its ball court, tomb, and for the hilltop fortress with a great view of the valley.
Yagul Ruin Site, Oaxaca, Mexico
Click Image for French and Spanish Language Archaeologist Guided Tours of Oaxaca Ruin Sites
Yagul Ruin Site Oaxaca, Mexico
Lambityeco can be reached by public bus or taxi/collectivo while Yagul, Dainzu, and  Huijazoo can be harder to reach by public transportation because of remote access roads.  
Tours to the ruins are available through agencies, or guides in Oaxaca City or the visitor can self guide using the well marked trails and explanatory plaques  done in the Zapotec language, in Spanish, and in English.

Oaxaca is a modern city with many fine hotels, some located in colonial buildings in the historic center of the city.
Gourmet dining, art galleries, theater, and musical concerts are available in Oaxaca's Historic District. Two museums in the city display artifacts, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center and the Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-hispanic Art
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