Topolobampo, Los Mochis Ferry Terminal

Topolobampo is the site of the ferry terminal to La Paz, Baja California, and to the Copper Canyon train terminal
Topolopampo on the coast of the Gulf of California

Topolobampo Ferry Terminal

Topolobampo offers the ferry terminal where boats sail to La Paz in Baja California.  Nearby in Los Mochis, the Copper Canyon Train leaves at 6am from its western terminal for the 400 mile trip through the mountains surrounding Copper Canyons.

Topolobampo La Paz 11pm 6-7 Hours Sunday-Friday
La Paz Topolobampo


6-7 Hours Monday-Friday
Saturday 11pm

Topolobampo Ferry Schedule

The Topolopampo ferry makes a night run of 6 hours to the port of La Paz in Baja California. Passenger and vehicles go aboard.  The return is a daytime sail. Cabins available.

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Visa, Tourist Card
Non Mexican passengers should have in posession the tourist card, (Permission to visit Mexico for 6 months, available at immigration, 25 USD, 290 Pesos) and a permit for the automobile including Mexican auto insurance. (aditional to your regular insurance)  If you enter the Baja through Tijuana you should secure these papers there at the border.  They are not required in the Baja but are required in mainland Mexico. Insure ahead online.  Sanborn is a good provider.  You pay a permit fee for the vehicle with a credit card and receive a sticker that attaches to the windsield
Topolobampo, Sinaloa  Port Los Mochis  Tel. (668) 862 10 03  Fax. 862 10 05 01-800-718 27 96    Hours of operation: 9am to 11pm
Reserve Tickets
  To Reserve call 01-800-337-7437  credit cards acepted
Ticket Price
Passengers, adult, one way 878 Pesos, Children 3-11 years 430 pesos, Cabin 760 Pesos

Vehicle Topolobampo - La Paz. 1960 Pesos, (drivers fare included in this fee, all passenger pay aditional) Wth trailer 4600-7700 Pesos,  Motorhome 7780 Pesos, (820 Peso each meter over 12 meters)
motorcycle 1698 Pesos
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The fishing fleet moors near the ferry terminal