Patzcuaro's Tzintzuntzan ruin site is built on a hillside above Patzcuaro Lake.  The site offers a museum and an expansive group of stone buildings built by the Tarascan culture in the 12th Century AD.
The Tzintzuntzan ruin has been partially restored to reveal its interesting architecture, shown above in a museum model.
The round structures were built of stone on a huge artificial platform built into the side of a hill with a view of Lake Patzcuaro.
Tzintzuntzan is Patzcuaro's largest site.  There are several others in the area.  The artistic style is well developed with influenced from the Toltec and from Teotihuacan
Patzcuaro is still renown for its ceramic work.  The Tarascan culture artifacts in the Tzintzuntzan museum  are well crafted pieces showing Teotihuacan and Toltec influence.
Patzcuaro's Museo de Artes e Industres Populares was built on the base structure of an ancient stone building that stood on the site in Prehispanic times   
Tzintzuntzan's museum displays artifacts of the Tarascan culture that ruled the area from the 12th Century until the coming of the Spanish in the early 16th Century.
Patzcuaro Ruin Site Tzintzuntzan, Tarascan Ruin Site, Michoacan Mexico
Patzcuaro Ruin Sites include Tzintzuntzan and Ihuatzio , Tarascan Ruin Site near Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan Mexico.  The 12 Century site of Zintzuntzan is built on a large artificial plaza constructed on a hillside overlooking Lake Patzcuaro.  
The Tzintzuntzan ruin was once faced in volcanic stone, a remnant of which can be seen still in place in the above photo.
Reach Tzintzuntzan from the town center of Patzcuaro via combi or collective taxis that leave from the old Plaza (Small Plaza)
By combi, (Micro van) first go to Station  and then get a bus marked with orange for Tzintzuntzan.  15 pesos
last bus returns at 6;30
Tzintzuntzan Museum displays artifacts from the Tarascan culture.
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