Oaxaca Markets, Artisan and Food Markets
Each village surrounding the City of Oaxaca has a special
market day
Weaver and ceramic artists bring
hand made goods to local
Zaachila Market, Thursday (combine this with a visit to the carving village of
Arrazola and the 16 Th Century monastery at Cuilapan de Guerrero)

Tlacolula Market, Sunday (combine this with a visit to the ruin sites of Dainzu,
Yagul, Lambityeco and Mitla)
Mitla Market, Daily, Fabric vendors dealing in cotton  (option)Teotitlan del
Valle, Wool rugs

Etla Market, Wednesday Ville de Etla,  (combine this with a visit to the ruin site of
San Jose el Mogote)

Ocotlan, Friday: Clay figures, woven baskets a specialty  (Combine this with a
visit to the studio and home of painter Rodolfo Morelos and the black pottery village of
San Bartolo Coyotepec)

Teotitlan del Valle, Wool rugs ( Include a visit to the 16 th Century church of
Tlacochahuaya nearby)

Oaxaca City, Organic Market at Pochote Garden, Friday and Saturday
Oaxaca City, huge outdoor market,  Saturday, Abastos Market
(optional visit to
Atzompa village of potters)

Artisan Market In the City:  Mercado de Artesenias,  Several blocks south of
the Zocalo on the corner of Zaragoza and J.P. Garcia
Oaxaca Village Markets, Food and Artisan
Oaxaca Events and
church tours
: Two hour
tour of churches and other
places. Get an insiders
look at Oaxaca. Meet
Linda at Zocalo in front of
Cathedral at 10:00 AM
Tuesdays and Saturdays   
La Casa Del Tio
Guero Restaurant
Serving typical
Oaxacan cuisine with a
vegetarian and meat
menu is offering
cooking classes
every week year round
Sign up at the
restaurant on Garcia
Vigil (street) #715
Eight blocks north of
the Zocalo   Tel. 51
69584  $40 USD
includes everything
and lunch
Oaxaca Cooking
Rancho Auroa
Susanna Trilling, Author of
Seasons of My Heart
More Info
Tourist Information Center
Secretaria de Tourismo
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go north to the Llano Park and
the theatre building at 703, the office is on the
right side of the building.
Oaxaca Markets display Artisan works and Food from the
local villages and farms in weekly market days.
The Oaxaca Markets are interesting places to visit while
on a Oaxaca vacation.