Money Management While Traveling, ATM Machines, Debit Cards, Credit Cards for Travelers
ATM machines are available in nearly every country and this makes money readily available while on Vacation.   The ATMs dispense the National currency at a fair exchange rate.  Find the swipe type instead of the insert type
ATM Machines for Travelers
Automatic Teller Machines, ATMs, are available in nearly every country worldwide and are an ideal way to renew your supply of cash when traveling.  ATM cards do at times fail to work, however; they can be damaged, stolen, or become useless if trouble develops with your account.
One strategy for travelers is to
carry two or even three different cards, each from a different bank.  Set up a wire or electronic cash transfer, EFT, between banks well ahead of your trip so that you can move cash between banks in case of a lost or damaged ATM card.

ATM cards are a great way for overseas travelers to access funds because unlike the credit card or debit card, only you can activate the ATM Machine with your private pin number.  This makes them an ideal way for travelers to access cash at a fair exchange rate.  

Ideal that is except for the hefty
fees now charged by some banks.  
Although these fees could amount to $6 to $8 dollars USD per transaction, the
convenience of ATM still tops other methods of accessing cash while on the road.
To minimize the sting of the high fees charged by some banks, always withdraw the maximum allowed each time you use the ATM.
Ask your bank for a list of non fee banks.  Use use ATMs in bank buildings when possible.    

Debit Cards  
The debit card works like an ATM but also functions like a credit card and this makes it a potential problem for travelers.  If the debit card is stolen or lost, and a thief uses it to make purchases, the money will come out of your account immediately;  Vacation over.
Although you might have a debit card with your photo on the front and think that you are protected, thieves can work with local clerks to access your funds.

Credit Cards
The conventional credit card can also be used in most countries but it also carriers a risk.  Lost or stolen it will be used to purchase easily sold items to bring the thief cash.  Clerks rarely check ID.  The only mitigating fact here is that the cash does not come out of your account immediately.  You will have a month to deal with the problem and will be able to continue with your vacation.
Vacation Travel money tips
Vacation travel money tips include using cash for small purchases such as restaurants, rather than using your credit card or debit card.
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