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Bus to Oaxaca Festivals and Beaches

Palenque Article, Reach By ADO bus from Oaxaca Includes transportation info for Bonampak
Mexico City Bus Terminals With service to  Travel Places, Mexico's Colonial Cities, Pacific Coast Beaches, Mexico's Ruin Sites
Oaxaca City is a good hub city
for trips to the ruin site of

 first class bus service
( ADO)  and air service (OAX)
OCC Bus southern Mexico
Primera Plus Bus
Mexico ETN  Bus
Parhikuni Bus
ADO First Class Bus
Estrella Roja Bus
Flecha Armarilla Bus
Estrella Blanca Bus
Mexico Taxis, Collectivos, Combis
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Travel in Mexico by first class bus can be rewarding but at times confusing.
Bus tickets on Mexico's various bus lines are difficult to book on the web.  Many bus routes with differing fares add to the confusion. Mexico bus lines offer great variety of bus service, however.
Use this guide to Mexico's bus routes,  Mexico's bus lines, levels of bus service, and bus fares,  to plan your first class bus travel in Mexico.  Mexico's bus lines offer great variety of bus routes.
OCC is a division of ADO, a large bus line that covers all of South Central and Southern Mexico and includes the States of Veracruz and Tamaulipas in the Northern Gulf of Mexico area
Mexico Bus Travel steadily improves with new stations and new bus routes over a developing highway system that improves at a fast pace.  The major bus lines adjust prices and routes according to demand and develop a Mexico bus service that is truly modern and an excellent travel bargain.
Bus routes are convenient and comfortable although Mexico is extremely mountainous country.  

Mexico bus transportation puts all of the country within reach at a low pesos per mile ticket price   Travel by bus in Mexico can be an important part of vacation travel.

Bus Service

A first class bus line in Mexico could offer several levels of service.  ADO, for example, offers Platino Service, which is a luxury bus with fewer seats,  more legroom, and few or no stops between major cities.  The next level of service offered by ADO is GL service or Grand Lujo, an elevated level of service.  They then offer regular first class ADO and the economy OCC, both high levels of first class bus service.   You can shop for these differences in service by comparing time of trip and price.  Shop on the web at ADO or at Bolatotal  an agency formerly called Ticketbus.

Bus Routes

First class buses use the high speed toll roads wherever possible.  They
avoid the steep mountain roads for the most part.  They travel from major city to major city, the higher levels of service making few or no stops between major transportation hubs.  

Mexico Bus Routes, Coastal and Inland

There are three major routes for bus travel from the north of Mexico to the south: the Gulf Coast bus route, the Pacific Coast route, and the Central Highlands bus route.
South of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the bus routes change to a Pacific Coast route through Chiapas which splits to follow the coast to Tapachula or to head inland over the mountains to San Cristobal de las Casas and to Palenque. The other bus route follows the Gulf Coast through Villahermosa, Tabasco and into the Yucatan and on to Merida and Cancun.

Bus Fares

Ticket prices will vary depending on the season and the demand, but you can figure to pay 12-15 cents USD per mile.  You can pay double that on the elevated levels of service and less on routes that are not in high demand.

Bus Travel In Mexico, Details

Booking Mexican Bus Travel on the Web
Most bus lines in Mexico have not developed their websites for convenient web booking of tickets.  They offer flash but little function.  The exceptions are ADO, the agent Boletotal  (boleto is ticket in Spanish), Primera Plus (Flecha Amarilla), Tufesa Bus, and Tica Bus.
In most cases it is possible to just arrive at the terminal and buy a ticket for your destination. (Except during Christmas week, Easter Week)

See below for
 tips on buying tickets, seating, cold buses, noise, best ride etc.
Bus service Mexico City Airport to Puebla
Bus service Zihuatanejo,
Ixtapa, Uruapan
Platino Service by ADO is a luxury bus with fewer seats,  more legroom, and no stops between major cities.
ADO's new bus station in Oaxaca City.

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     Travel in Mexico By First Class Bus

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