Merida Yucatan Bus Chichen Itza
Buses leave the second class bus station in Merida next to the ADO station daily for trips to  Chichen Itza.
  • ADO Buses from the first class station serve to the town of Piste
a 2km  walk or cab ride to the ruins. (lodging, camping)
The ADO Bus then reaches the ruin entrance to pick up and drop off passengers
ADO Buses make three trips Daily, 6:30 AM, 9:15 AM, 12:40 PM. As of Jan, 2012.  (subject to change)  
  • Dzibilchaltun Ruin Site
Local buses from Estacion Progresso, two blocks south of the main center on Calle 62, make many trips daily to the crossroad for nearby Dzibilchaltun on their way to the beaches at Puerto Progresso and the cruise terminal.
  • Take the Chablekal  bus  (village of
Chablekal)  from this station to reach the Dzibilchaltun ruin entrance.

Merida, Yucatan Bus Travel To Chichen Itza Ruin Site,
Merida Bus Service

  • Bus
The Cathedral pictured left occupies the corner opposite the northeast corner of the main square in the historic center of Merida. The first and second class bus terminals are 3 blocks south and 3 blocks west from the southwest corner of the Zocalo.
  • Nightlife
On weekends the street pictured left near the central Zocalo and the Cathedral San Idelfonso closes down and bands set up to play into the night in a large block party.  The weekend nightlife gets rolling when streets near the plaza are closed to traffic for the street festival of dance and music.
Food vendors open stalls with tables and visitors dance salsa.
  • Sightseeing
The modern city of Merida is home to  about one million.  The Spanish founded the city in the 1540s, and built a colonial city over the Mayan temples.  
temple complex once stood where the massive Cathedral of San Idelfonso, built in the later half of the 16th century, now stands.
  • Museums
The large central plaza is rimmed by other colonial buildings and museums including the Palacio Municipal, built in 1735, and the Palacio de Gobierno built in 1892 and housing murals by Fernanco Castro Pacheco. Next to the Cathedral, find the art museum, several blocks north, find the anthropology museum.
Merida was a prosperous city due to the growing and processing of sisal a fiber made from the plant henequen, an agave processed for the making of rope.
Merida offers a great museum of anthropology a few blocks north of the center and an art museum just beside the Cathedral in the center
Dzibilchaltun Ruin Site,  Merida
Sur Bus makes daily round trips to  Chichen Itza.
3 trips Daily, 6:30 AM, 9:15 AM, 12:40 PM
Local buses go daily to nearby Dzibilchaltun, (pictured left),  and the beaches at Puerto Progresso.
Estacion Progresso, two blocks south of the main center on Calle 62
From Merida,  Chichen Itza is 75 miles and reached also by bus  from the second class terminal. just next to the first class terminal, three blocks south, three blocks west of the Zocalo or main square.  
Second class service reaches the Chichen Itza parking lot.  Tickets for the return or for onward bus can be purchased in the Chichen Itza gift shop area.
Colectivos serve between Chichen Itza, Valladolid, and Piste.
Cathedral of San Idelfonso on the northeast corner of the park, Parque Francisco Canton, The Zocalo
Merida Parque Francisco Canton
Parque Francisco Canton, The Zocalo
  • ADO First Class Bus Station Merida to Chichen Itza
ADO Bus service reaches Chichen Itza from the  CAME Bus Station  in Merida on the corner of Calle 70 and 69, in El Centro.   
The bus makes one and a three quarter hour trip for a brief stop in the town of Piste, (Camping and hotels) and then continues to the Chichen Itza Ruins entrance parking lot to drop off and pick up passengers.    The first class ADO Bus to Chichen Itza costs 114 pesos for the 75 miles.
ADO Buses make three trips Daily from Merida, 6:30 AM, 9:15 AM, 12:40 PM. as of Jan, 2012.   (check ahead, times are subject to change)

ADO bus service to Cancun stops at Valladolid, a good way station for Chichen Itza visits because of its hotels and collective cab service to Chichen Itza.
Collective cabs from Valladolid serve between Chichen Itza,  Piste,  and Valladolid.
Merida Yucatan Bus Service Reaches Chichen Itza Ruin Site daily from Merida.  Buses run to Mayan Ruin sites of Chichen Itza, Dzibilchaltun, and Uxmal from Merida, a cosmopolitan city in northern Yucatan that offers an anthropology museum and art museums
Merida Ruins Dzibilchaltun

Merida Bus Stations: Ruins Travel

The Colonial City of Merida offers two first class bus stations and three 2nd and 3rd class stations.

Bus Travel From Merida

Chichen Itza,  
From the second class bus terminal, get trips to Chichen Itza and Uxmal.  This second class bus terminal is next to the first class bus terminal where ADO Buses run.  The first class terminal is called  Central Autobus Merida Estacion, (CAME) located on Calle (street) Number 70, (70th Street) between Calle 69 and 71.  building no 555
The two stations are located 3 blocks south and 3 blocks west of the Centro Historico main plaza and the Merida Cathedral.

Chichen Itza El Castillo

ADO Bus Chichen Itza

ADO also runs service to Chichen Itza.  They stop at the entrance, Cost 114 Peso. ADO Buses make three trips Daily, 6:30 AM, 9:15 AM, 12:40 PM. (As of Jan, 2012, subject to change)  
Chichen Itza offers a bus ticket window for return service and trips to Cancun and Valladolid.
Colectivos run from Piste and Valladolid to Chichen Itza.

ADO service to Cancun runs a bus route through Valladolid.  Buses and collective taxis serve Chichen Itza from Valladolid.

ADO from the first class terminal, Merida.

To reach the ruin site of Uxmal, go to the second class station next to the ADO station. Terminal de Autobuses Merida  (TAME)
Sur Bus runs a bus route to Uxmal   45 Pesos.
Buy return ticket on boarding the return bus.

To reach the ruin site of Dzibilchaltun go to the Bus Station Progreso (Estacion Progreso) on 62 Street (Calle 62) located between Calle 65 and 67,  two blocks south of the central plaza. These buses also reach the beach area of Puerto Progreso.  Take the Chablekal bus for the ruin site.  Otherwise you have a two mile walk in from the main road.

  • Biosphere Preserve of Celestun:
Buses leave for the 60 mile trip to the large Flamingo colony and bird and animal sanctuary  nature preserve from the  Noreste    Station Corner of Calle 50 and 67.
Chichen Itza Ruin Site , Puuc Style buildings, reach by bus from Merida
Chichen Itza Ruin Site, Puuc Style facade
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Merida Chichen Itza Ruin Site
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Southern Mexico Ruin Sites
  • Izamal,  
The Yellow City  (  colonial city of mostly yellow buildings built atop and within a huge Mayan city
Buses for Izamal leave the second class station located between Calle 69 and 71 beside the ADO first class station.

  • Campeche
Campeche is served by ADO Bus from the first
class ADO Station.  Central de Autobus Merida Estacion. (CAME)
ADO Bus routes run to Villahermosa through Campeche. Nine hours to Villahermosa 498 Pesos
Merida Bus Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza, El Castillo, Calendar building in Toltec Style
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