Exchange Rate Calculator, Money Conversion, World Currency
These exchange rate calculators will show money conversion rates in world currency so that you will know the foreign exchange rates when shopping for Hotels, vacation rentals, rental auto, flights, and travel deals.
Use this Exchange Rate Calculator, Money Conversion rates for World Currency,  to determine  the foreign exchange rates when shopping for travel deals.
  • EURO
Until the early part of 2015 the Euro had remained strong against the US Dollar while the Peso of Mexico has lost ground to the Euro and Dollar.  
  • US Dollar
The US Dollar is still accepted in many countries but you are best served to change your currency to the currency of the country that you are visiting.  People will not be able to exchange accurately or fairly, especially in remote areas.

  • Mexican Peso
The Mexican Peso will be issued by ATM machines in Mexico at a fair exchange rate.   
  • Shopping for Hotels and Vacation Rentals
Know the currency exchange rate when shopping for vacation hotels and vacation rental,  rental cars, International flights,  and sightseeing tours.  The rates change slightly each day but usually trend  up or down and can be significant for large purchase or exchanges of large sums of money.   
The Euro had been stable against the US Dollar for many years but is now one for one.  The Peso of Mexico has lost ground to the Euro and Dollar in the past few years.    
ATM machines are available nearly everywhere in world and they make it easy for the traveler to convert to the currency of the country visited and to get a favorable exchange rate.
  • Swipe Type
Find the swipe type instead of the insert type if possible to be safe from the machine eating the card or you forgetting to remove your card.
  • Two ATM Cards
Travel with two cards, one a back-up in case of loss. The rigors of travel can make a card unreadable, therefore the second card from a different bank, used only in an emergency and left in the hotel safe, can be a good option.
  • ATM, Not Debit
Use the pin number ATM cards only not the debit cards. Debit cards are also credit cards and if stolen, can be used by anyone anywhere; clerks don't always check ID.

  • Back Up Cash  
Keep some back-up cash; earthquakes, Hurricanes and any number of natural and man made disaster can bring communication lines down and could put ATM machines down for several days.
  • Banks
Banks will exchange money and will compete on rates. They could require a passport.  If you are changing large sums it is a good practice to check the rates. ID/ Passport and copy of Id could be required.  Id/ Passport required for cashing travelers checks
Christmas and other vacation periods can bring stress to the money systems in small  towns and small beach areas.  ATM machines can run out of money.  Plan on this happening by Sunday of a holiday weekend.

American Express has offices in many cities. Often within a bank.  You could put some back-up cash in an American Express account to have in an emergency.
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