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List Of First Class Bus Lines and Bus Service

"Premier First Class", "Semi-Directo", or "Local", the  Mexico bus system can be confusing.  
Premier First Class Directo is the best ride but you can combine these systems with the public bus systems in the cities and with the collective taxis, combis, and  camionettas to get anywhere  you want in Mexico.   

Mexico Bus Classes Explained

Primera Clase  (First)
This class includes central and southern Mexico’s first class service listed here. ADO,  ADO GL, Platino,  OCC, and other lines operate in central and southern Mexico, south of Mexico City to the Yucatan and to the Guatemalan border.  
They serve the major cities and do so at varying levels of pricing and service. (The price and service varies with fewer stops and more legroom)  (see price breakdown below)  GL Service is a good option.

To the north of Mexico City:
  Estrella Blanca, Chihuahuenses, Futura, Primera Plus,  TAP, Flecha Amarilla serve much of Northern Mexico. Several lines serve to the US border.

Chihuahuense, a first class division of Estrella Blanca serves from Mexico city north to the US border via Central Mexico through Chihuahua.
Omnibus serves north to the US border,
Primera Plus,   serves Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta,Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Morelia, Guadalajara,  and north to Mazatlan

serves the border area south of the US to Mexico City.

Bus Travel Mexico, First Class Bus Service

First Class Bus Service Northern Mexico Index to Pages

Mexico First Class Bus Service List.   First class bus fares, bus stations, bus routes, and regions served by first class bus.   
list of Mexico's first cllass bus routes, destination cities, and bus lines below  
Omnibus Mexico Bus Service
Omnibus serves north of Mexico City to the US border

List Mexico Bus,
First Class, Fares, Routes

Central Mexico includes

First Class Bus Routes, Central Mexico, Index To Pages

Zacatecas to Mexico City
and South to Oaxaca and includes Gulf Coast Veracruz and Tabasco)
Futura and Chihuahuenses buses serve north to the US Border
Divide Mexico Into Three Sections: Northern, Central, and Southern When looking for First Class Bus Service
US Border to Mazatlan, Guadalajara
    US Border  Nogales
   Guadalajara, Morelia
Guadalajara to
Mexico City & Oaxaca
Guadalajara to
Pacific Coast Resorts
Mexico City to
Vera Cruz and Oaxaca
Zacatecas to Mexico City,
San luis Potosi
Mexico Taxis, Collectivos, Camionetta
Mexico Travel, Sightseeing

Estrella Roja, First Class
Estrella Roja runs primer service to Acapulco from Mexico City with Diamante and Pluss Buses.

      Segunda Clase

Second Class Bus, This is the second class bus and will most often leave from a different terminal than the First Class, usually in the older section of downtown perhaps near an old train station.  (Passenger trains no longer operate in Mexico except Copper Canyon)  

Second class service breaks down further into:

  • Directo:
Directo is supposed to make few stops in a station to station fashion but seldom does, although it does not stop at every way station through the mountains or along the coast.
Semi-Directo Makes more frequent but limited stops

  • Ordinario
Ordinario is a local bus although it may travel for fifty to a hundred miles. It is very inexpensive but will make frequent stops.

Segunda Clase Bus Lines: Estrella Blanca is one of the lines covering the coastal area with first class buses that might leave from a second class terminal Other second class service. Flecha Amarilla,  (Except Primera Plus)

Breakdown Of Bus Fares:
This example is for a trip form Oaxaca City in Oaxaca State to San Cristobal de Las Casa in Chiapas State, a distance of 380 Miles approximately

ADO Platino Bus   $622  Pesos

ADO   GL  $466 Pesos (Grand Lujo)

OCC  $338 Pesos  

The upper level of service will offer a shorter duration trip (few stops) and more leg room.
Mexico Bus to Ruin
Mexico Bus to Beaches
Pacific Coast
Many small second class lines serve the villages from the second class terminal.  Mexico is mountainous country to the extreme and often a bus will make one trip in to the village and then park for the night to return to the city the following day.
Omnibus Service Mexico
Mexico First Class Bus Service
Bus Travel Mexico, First Class Bus Central Mexico
Bus Mexico Ruin Sites
Bus Tickets, Fares,  Mexico
Bus Routes and Cities, Mexico

Bus Lines Mexico

Bus Service Mexico

Mexico By Bus

Bus Travel Mexico, First Class Bus Service
US Border, Douglas
Chihuahua, Zacatecas
US Border To Mexico City,
Includes Oaxaca State, Veracruz, Tabasco, Chiapas, South to Guatemala and  the Yucatan to Belize

First Class Bus Routes And Fares, Southern Mexico

Mexico City to
Oaxaca to Pacific Coast Resorts
Veracruz to Yucatan
Gulf Coast, Chiapas
Oaxaca to Chiapas and Guatemala

Northern Mexico Buse, Zacatecas To The US Border

     Mexico First Clas Bus Info, Routes, Bus Fares, Bus Lines

First Class Bus Fare Guide
First Class Bus fares in Mexico are generally around 12-15 cents USD per mile.
Higher levels of service can be 20- to 30 cents per mile.  Shop online with ADO and Primera Plus for special prices

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