Adventure Park Copper Canyon, Divisadero Cable Car, Zipline

The Adventure Park in Copper Canyon at Divisadero includes a Cable Car or Teleferico ride into Copper Canyon, Zipline rides between hills in the canyon, and rappelling over the cliff edge down into Copper Canyon.
The train stops at Divisadero where lodging is offered at Hotel Divisadero Barrancas del Cobre just below the train station.  The Teleferico (cable car) and Adventure park is a mile and a half from the train station.  Walk or drive

Adventure Park Train Stop

The Copper Canyon train stops at Divisadero

View from Divisadero into the Copper Canyon
The Copper Canyon Cable car conveys passenger into the Copper Canyon from a station at Divisadero.  Passengers can take a zipline ride between two hills down in the canyon at the Teleferico stop.
  • Divisadero Hotel
The Hotel Divisadero Barrancas is located at the cliff edge near the train station.
  • Hiking Trail
To reach the Adventure park  on foot from the Divisadero Train Station, take the cliff edge trail with views down into the junction of three canyons, Del Cobre, (Copper Canyon) Urique Canyon, and Tararecua.  
  • Adventure Park
The Parque de Aventura and cable car is a mile and a half along the stone paved trail.
A paved and dirt road also reaches the park.
  • Areponapuchi

Two miles beyond that there is the  Areponapuchi  train stop and the hotels along the cliff edge
Other lodging options in the area include  Posada Mirador.

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Adventure Park Hotels

Posadas Barrancas
Train Stop
and Lodging
Posadas Barrancas is a popular stop with tourist because of the hotel lodging at the
Posada Barrancas Mirador, a hotel on the rim of the canyon with a train station.
|  This lodging is within two miles of the Adventure Park and cable car.  These accommodations offer great views.
. The Copper Canyon Train stops at Divisadero which is located 29 miles west of Creel and offers a hotel.  
Buses run daily from Creel to Divisadero starting at 10:30 am
The Divisadero train stop offers a paved walking trail along the canyon edge with views down into three canyons of the Copper Canyon Park.  
The Creel train station is 29 miles east of Divisadero and offers bus service daily to Divisadero.

Paved roads serve between Divisadero and Creel
Copper Canon cable car
Copper Canyon view from Divisadero
Hotel Divisadero Barrancas at Divisadero train stop
Tarahumara dancers performing in Creel
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