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ATM Machines

ATMs In Oaxaca Mexico, South Central Mexico dispense pesos at a fair exchange rate

ATM Machines Dispense Pesos

ATM machines are available everywhere in Mexico and they make it easy for the traveler to convert to the Peso and to get a favorable exchange rate.
Find the
swipe type instead of the insert type to be safe from you forgetting to remove your card.

Oaxaca City there is a swipe machine at Banamex one block east of the north east corner of the Zocalo, Corner of Hidalgo and Lopez.  Find another at the Electric company pay booth near the Pitico Market a block south of the Consati Park.

Travel with two ATM cards from two different banks, (not debit) one a back-up in case of loss. The rigors of travel can make a card unreadable, therefore the second card from a different bank, used only in an emergency and left in the hotel safe, can be a good option.
Use the
pin number ATM cards only not the debit cards. Debit cards are also credit cards and if stolen, can be used by anyone anywhere; clerks seldom check ID.  Unlike a credit card, the money charged to a debit card comes immediately out of your account.

 Back-Up Cash

Keep some back-up cash;
earthquakes and storms can disrupt phone lines, this could put ATM machines down for several days.
Christmas is high season in Mexico; everyone hits the road. The small colonial towns and small beach areas become full of visitors.  This stresses the systems including banks and ATM machines; they run out of money.
Plan on this happening by Sunday of a holiday weekend in a small beach village.

American Express operates in most Mexican cities, often from within a bank.  Put some back-up cash in an American Express account to have in an emergency.

Banks in Mexico will exchange money and will compete on rates. If you are changing large sums it is a good practice to check the rates. ID/ Passport and copy of Id could be required.  Id/ Passport required for cashing travelers checks

ATM machines in Oaxaca are readily available.  Money is easily accessed on Vacation through the ATMs that dispense the Mexican Peso at a favorable exchange rate rate.

Spread The Fees

Check with your bank and card companies before you go on vacation to let them know that you will be traveling. 
Ask the teller in your bank if there are banks that do not charge hefty service fees in the visited country.
There will be some fees but to spread the cost, withdraw the maximime amount alowed from your ATM each time you withdraw funds.  Set up wire transfers between your two ATM banks to replenish or shift funds in case of a lost card.
Make copies of your credit cards,and ATM numbers along with bank telephone numbers so that you can readily put a hold on the cards if they are lost or stolen. 
While walking or shopping in the city carry only a copy of your passport and ID and enough cash for the day. Leave bank cards and original passport in the hotel safe.

Use ATM machines that are within bank buildings when available.
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