Casa Linda is a beautiful private
home in the hills, five miles
northeast of the old colonial
of Oaxaca.
The house is full of
Mexican folk
and is a testament to the
creative spirit and skill present in
artisans and craftsmen in the
Oaxaca Valleys
Folk Art Fantasy Casa Lind Oaxaca Mexico
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For over a decade Linda Hanna has been
cultivating and nurturing the connections to this
artistic world.  Sharing her knowledge with
people interested in
learning about folk art
was one of her fundamental reasons for moving
Oaxaca years ago.
"The history and community of Oaxaca Folk Art is legendary.
So what do I do here?  I offer you a link into this world; an invitation that brings Oaxaca's creative spirit
and artistic richness into your world."
 -Linda Hanna
Casa Linda is a sanctuary.  A welcoming,
comforting, and exclusive private home in the
privacy of the Oaxacan countryside.
Nestled in a fertile valley in Southern Mexico, with surrounding villages
famous for their  crafts and arts, your stay here will bring you lifelong
memories and an unparalleled insider's peek into the traditions and art
steeped in these ancient hills.

The City of Oaxaca is surrounded by villages specializing in a particular

Ceramic work that is both utilitarian and decorative is done in at least
three different pueblos, Atzompa, San Bartolo Coyotepec. and Ocotlan
de Morelos.  
Some of the more well known artists that I visit are the Aguilar
of Ocotlán and I usually spend the most time with
Josefina (pictured) and her eldest son, Demetrio. He is also
well known for his painting and paper maché work. In the nearby
village of
San Antonino I enjoy visiting Luis Valencia and his
family as well as José Luis Garcia. José became blind about 5
years ago but still continues to create magnificent sculptures.
San Bartolo Coyotepec I'm a frequent visitor to the
Abraham Reyes family, Floriberta Reyes Gómez (miniatures),
Carlomagno Pedro Martínez, Magdalena Pedro Martínez and
Adelina Pedro Martínez.
In Teotitlan del Valle, known for the beautiful rugs, I feel
fortunate to be a friend of Elena Hernandez López and her
family, Rosario Martínez Vasquez and Ernesto Maldonado
Gonzalez, Mariano Sosa Martínez. Mariano's home is the display
center for a co-op of 18 families and is frequently the highlight for
guests who appreciate fine and original weaving
In Atzompa my favorite artists include Irma Blanco, Enedina Vasquez Cruz and Angélica
In San Martín Tilcajete, one of the many pueblos devoted to
woodcarving, I have a number of families I regularly visit. These
include the homes of Jacobo and Maria Angeles Ojeda,
Epifanio Fuentes Vasquez, Margaito Melchor, Martin Melchor
Angeles, Jesus Sosa Calvo, Justo Xuana Luis.

In Arrazola, another woodcarving village, I enjoy visitng
Angélico and Isaías Jiménez, Francisco Morales Ojeda, Narciso
and Rubi Gonzalez Hernandez, Damien and Beatrice Morales.
In La Unión, also known for woodcarving, visits with Gabino Reyes, Sergio Santos
(pictured), Jaime Santiago Morales, Francisco Santiago Cruz and his brothers Martín
and Quirino are always wonderful experiences.
Tinsmiths that I especially enjoy visiting with include
Angel Valdez Sandoval and Alfonso Santiago Leyva.
In the years I have lived in Oaxaca I have been working
diligently at developing strong connections with these
artists. However, these are by no means all the artsts
that I visit.
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Credits: Folk Art Photos by Carol Cross. Casa Linda Photos by Herminia Dosal.
" ...An amazing resource and a  
fabulous host."
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Casa Linda Folk Art Tours in Oaxaca, Mexico include visits to the Artisan
Villages and tours of their home workshops with Linda Hanna
On Casa Linda Folk Art Tours in Oaxaca, Mexico you will visit the Artisan
Villages and tour the artisan home workshops with Linda Hanna
Casa Linda, Oaxaca,  Mexico