A day's drive north from Tucson  puts you on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon
North Rim, another 150 miles
Tucson hiking and sightseeing SpanishColonial  Missions
Saguaro National Park Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Hiking, Camping, bike riding, Mt Lemmon road, Catalina  Highway
Tucson, Arizona still has a great wild more than a few miles from the sophisticated city of Tucson you can  hike and camp in the wildest and harshest of natural desert environments.
Tucson has perfect weather in the spring and fall for Hiking.  Warm winters, during desert can get quite cold and snow is not impossible), Great hotels, spas, golf and museums add to Tucson's appeal.
Tucson's Saguaro National Park is a great place for camping and hiking. The State and Federal Government has preserved huge tracks of wild land and made Tucson and its environs a great place for outdoor recreation. Hiking, camping, and sightseeing top a list that includes skydiving, photography, horseback riding, air museums, and skiing.
Tucson Arizona, Camping, Hiking
  • Mount Lemmon
The Mount Lemmon Road is called the Catalina Highway.
The mountain road leads to great hiking trails where the mountain temperature in summer are perfect for outdoor adventure.
  • Saguaro NP
In Tucson's Saguaro National Park, East and West (Tucson Mountains) you can find RV and wilderness camping.
Though modeled after the early missions the modern just 100 years old.
The marque below reflects Tucson's diverse cultural mix.
Tucson Museums: San Xavier del Bac Mission is just a few miles outside of the city of Tucson on the road to Nogales, Mexico.
Tumacacori  National Park
Tucson's San Xavier del Bac, one of seven missions built by Spanish colonists and the best preserved of the two remaining.
The 25-mile mountain road to the summit of Mount Lemon provides spectacular scenery in the National Park
An old movie set from the 20s and still active, Old Tucson has become a popular attraction where hundreds of movies and TV productions have taken place.
Shopping for artisanal wares keeps  Tubac on the tourist's map
Two Saguaro National Parks, an East and West, flank Tucson and offer hiking, camping, and sightseeing amidst a preserved natural desert environment of stark but incredible diversity.
Tucson's Mt. Lemmon:
25 Miles of Mountain road to the 9,000 foot peak
Tucson's Catalina highway takes you up to the peak of Mount Lemmon through four zones of diverse vegetation that change as you go from cactus at 3000 feet to Ponderosa pine at nearly 10,000 feet.
A seasonal camping fee covers the use of facilities along the way.
Four campgrounds at various elevations serve all level of traveler for an additional fee.
The Coronado National Forest includes Mount Lemmon among 11 other mountain ranges within 1.7 million acres of public land.
Tucson also offers nearby, the Saguaro National Park East which has camping and RVing on the lower elevations in a desert environment and back country camping in the foothills and mountains on 128 miles of trails that traverse peaks at over 8.000 feet.
Camping and Hiking at
8,000 feet
Tucson Arizona, Hiking and Camping
Tucson Wilderness camping on mountains as high as 8,000 feet make Tucson a great place for outdoor recreation.
The road to 9,000- foot mountains in the Catalina mountains is a 29-mile drive above the valley of Tucson.  The drive or hike offers great views of the City of Tucson
Tucson Arizona,a Perfect place for
Hiking and Camping
Tucson Shopping
Tucson's San Xavier del Bac, is south of Tucson.  The spanish Colonial mission is opened for visits  The mission church is one of seven missions built by Spanish Jesuits, the best preserved of the two remaining.
At Tumacacori  National Park, south of Tucson on the Nogales road, another mission is preserved for visitors.
Tucson's San Xavier del Bac,  mission
Tucson Arizona Hiking and Camping can be done in a great wild desert environment.
While hiking in the wildest and harshest of natural deserts you are never more than a few miles from the sophisticated city of Tucson.
Tucson Hiking in Saguaro National Park
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Tucson Hiking and camping, Saguaro National Park