El Tajin Location

El Tajin, in Veracruz State, México, is north of the port city of Veracruz and near the city of Poza Rica or the city of Papantla.  The site is located at 20*28’N, 97*28’W.  The site is aligned North/South

Now in a Totonac area, the original builders  of El Tajin are thought by some researchers to be Huasatec who started construction in 100 AD. Others believe that the Totonacs where the builders.

Transportation To El Tajin Ruin Site,
Veracruz, Mexico

To reach El Tajin Archaeological Ruin Site take a First Class ADO Bus from Mexico City or from Veracruz to the nearby city of Poza Rica or Papantla where local buses reach the ruin.

El Tajin's 17 Ball Courts Make The Site Unique in Mexico

The ball courts are decorated in base relief sculpture showing ritual blood letting

Reach El Tajin Ruin Site, Transportation

El Tajin is located in Papantla, Veracruz State, Mexico  and can be reached by local bus service from Poza Rica or Papantla.

ADO first class bus service reaches  Poza Rica from Jalapa, the Capital City of Veracruz State. Service from other cities includes buses from Tuxpan.
ADO First Class Service out of Terminal Norte Mexico City.  Buses also serve Papantla.
Local buses make frequent runs from the adjacent bus terminal in Poza Rica.
It is a short walk in to the site from the main road bus stop. The site opens at nine am.
ADO service from
Terminal Norte in Mexico City reaches Jalapa, Poza Rica, and Tuxpam.  

El Tajin's has at least 17 ball courts, unusual in Mexico.  The walls of the courts are intensely decorated and display scenes of ritual sacrifice.   
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Transportation to El Tajin ruin Site, Veracruz, Mexico can be found in the cities of Poza Pica and Papantla.   First class ADO buses serve these cities and local buses serve to the ruin site of El Tajin.
From the entrance road where it is a short walk to the ruin entrance.
Transportation to El Tajin
El Tajin Ruin Site Veracruz
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El Tajin is notable for the Pyramid of the Niches

Nearby, Zempoala Ruin Site

Reach Zempoala from Veracruz via local bus to Jose Cardel and then another local bus to Zempoala.  From Xalapa, east on Route 140 to Jose Cardel, local bus from there.    See Map

From El Tajin go 180 south to Jose Cardel and then 5 miles north to the town of Zempoala.

El Tajin
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