Sturgis South Dakota, Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis South Dakota Motorcycle Rally takes place at 3,450 feet in the home town of 6,442 citizens under normal conditions. During the first full week of August the population swells to over 500,000, making it the most populous town in South Dakota for a week.

Sturgis Lodging

Of course every vacant room, trailer, cottage, hut, cabin, and lean two for 50 miles around goes up for rent the first week in August.
And in Sturgis every manner of tee shirt goes on sale

Shop for lodging

Some riders drive their bikes thousands of miles to be at Sturgis, others trailer them.  Some riders arrive just to enjoy a ride down main street and to park at the restaurant for breakfast while looking at all the bikes lined up of every size and shape.
Other riders make the group rides into the hills in the area for great riding.
  Mount Rushmore is about 60 miles south, Deadwood, Keystone, Devils tower,  and Spearfish Canyon a day ride.

Sturgis Rides 

 Sturgis offers some great rides throughout the Black Hills including Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, and Deadwood.
During the first week of August, hotels and camping areas such as
Spearfish Campground and Spearfish Canyon campgrounds become home to visitors

Sturgis Rally

Sturgis is just beside Interstate -90   During the first full week of August,
Bike week at Sturgis gets underway.
 The rally is one of the most popular Motorcycle events in the country.  For a week a little town in the Black Hills of South Dakota becomes home to over  500,000 riders.

Best time to visit South Dakota

Sturgis Motorcycle Week takes place  the first full week in August.    
By Saturday the first week of August  the town will be full and riders will be cruising the many sightseeing places in the Black Hills.
Visiting other times of the year:  May to October   40 f at night 65 f days
The weather is perfect June, July, August but the mid day temperature can reach over 100 f.    Cool in May and September,  Cold and winter snows October to April .  Total snow 2 feet per year.   June is a wet month.   July and August can have thunderstorms with hail.  

How to Reach Sturgis, South Dakota

The nearest large city to the Black Hills is Rapid City South Dakota. Air service reaches Rapid City from hubs in Denver and Chicago.
Rental cars are available at the airport. From Rapid City take scenic Route 44 east to Interior and the Badlands National Park  or take Route I-90 West to Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood, Rushmore.

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Sturgis Bike week,  the first full week in August
August 2015, Sturgis Rally Dates
August 3 to August 9
Events Aug. 1 to Aug. 10
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2014 Rally Concert Performances at the Buffalo Chip Camp Ground, Sturgis

Saturday August 2
The Cult, Queensryche
Sunday August 3

Collective Soul, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Cyanide
Monday August 4
Zac Brown Band, John Mayal
Tuesday August 5
Motley Crue , Alice Cooper
Wednesday August 6
Florida Georgia Line,  ZZ Top
Thursday August 7

 Pop Evil, Wild Blue Country Band, and Train.

Friday August 8
Pretty Restless, Cheap Trick, A Course Of Action
Saturday August 9
Sevendust, Buckcherry