Slot Canyon Page, Little Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona

Little Antelope Slot Canyon is close enough to the Grand Canyon to include it as part of a Grand Canyon trip.  Page, AZ is near enough to the North and South Rim for a day trip.  Hotel lodging is available in Page AZ

At Little Antelope Canyon there are fewer visitors than at upper Antelope Canyon, allowing more time to make photographs.

Mid day at Little Antelope Canyon allows sunlight to shine intensity and create interesting photo opportunities  
The slot canyons have an intriguing and endless variety of patterns,shapes, and colors.  The canyons are underground conduits for rain water, however, and can flood rapidly during thunderstorms.  
  • Guides
The Navajo who run the canyon will assign you a guide when you arrive.  The guide will accompany you during your visit.
  • Cautions  
In case of emergency the guides on the surface will lower rope ladders.  Still  it is best not to enter when there is any threat of storms even when the storms are miles distant.

Slot Canyons, Page Arizona

The best time for photographing in a slot canyon is at midday when the sun enters at the top and illuminates the rocks.
Slot Canyon, Little Antelope Slot Canyon, Page AZ.
Little Antelope is across the road from the more popular Upper Antelope Slot Canyon.
You descend into the earth through a slot in the ground and enter Little Antelope Canyon.

Once down below the earth  you walk through a tunnel-like tube gouged  out of the rock by rushing water.
Sunshine enters through the top, causing the eroded stone to offer some interesting photo opportunities
Small shuttle aircraft reach Flagstaff Arizona where there are rental vehicles available
Getting to Little Antelope Slot Canyon:
Traveling to the slot canyons by air, a convenient starting place would be Las Vegas Nevada where you can rent a vehicle for the trip to the canyon.
From Phoenix or Las Vegas drive towards the Grand Canyon North Rim and then Marble Canyon.  Turn right at  Antelope Pass before you reach Marble Canyon and climb to 6,533  feet elevation.  At the pass you will have a great view of the valley of the Colorado River.
Once over the pass you have a long downhill glide to Page Arizona where you  will  see the towers of the Navajo Power Plant on Route 98.   Antelope Canyon is below th power plant. 
Little Antelope Slot Canyon will be on your left before you reach the plant.
Slot Canyons in Page Arizona are Little Antelope Slot Canyon and Upper Antelope Slot Canyon.  The slot canyons offer a walk underground through red sandstone formations shaped by rushing storm water.
Little Antelope Slot Canyon is less crowded than Upper Antelope Slot Canyon
Mid day in Little Antelope Slot Canyon, Page, Arizona
The slot canyon is a cave-like canyon completely surrounded by red rock. There is an opening at the top that allows the sun to enter.   
Antelope Slot Canyon Photographer
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