Ruin Sites Mexico, Archaeological Sites In Mexico

Oaxaca Archaeological Ruin Sites

Oaxaca Archaeological Ruin Sites

The site in Oaxaca are some of the oldest in Mexico

Ruin Site Visits

Oaxaca City has eight ruin sites within 30 miles of the city. Theses major archaeological sites with building stages that span 1200 BC to 1519 AD are open to the public and can be reached by car, taxi, or public bus.
Of this group
Monte Alban, Mitla, and San Jose El Mogote are among the oldest stone sites in all of Mexico.  Both Monte albn and Mogote sites have museums and can be reached easily by tour bus or taxi transportation.
Ruin sites in Mexico include the Pyramids of the Moon and Sun at Teotihuacan. In Oaxaca two of the oldest stone Ruin Sites are found while in the south, the Mayan ruin sites include Chichen Itza, Palenque, and Tulum.

Article: Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan Ruin can be reached by bus service from Terminal North in Mexico City or from Poza Rica.
ADO serves Poza Rica from Jalapa and other cities including Tuxpan. Regular service from Mexico City Terminal Norte reaches the ruin with frequent runs starting at 700 am.
Teotihuacan's most notable building, the Pyramid of the Sun  is the highest and 2nd largest ancient structure in Mexico........

Ruin Sites in Northern Mexico

Ruin sites in northern Mexico include Alta Vista and La Quemada in Zacatecas

Tulum Ruin Site, Mexico

Ruin Sites Mexico, South, the Maya of Chiapas and Yucatan

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Tulum Ruin Site is a Mayan site easily reached by bus from Cancun
Chichen Itza El Castillo
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