Provence Culinary Adventures
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Provence Culinary Adventures in The South Of France

Provence Recipes

A cooking vacation can be sampling your own cooking while also dining out to sample the great cuisine of Provence.
Many villages have out of the way,
small restaurants back roads in old farm houses or villas

Provence Recipes, Provence Cooking

Provence cooking will depend on the fresh ingredients available from the local farms and from the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Culinary Vacation Provence

Your culinary vacation in Provence might mean not just your own cooking but the chance to sample the great cuisine of Provence in the many small restaurants and mom and pop eateries located in out-of-the way villages and back roads to old villas.  The locals know where the hidden restaurants are and are glad to share their favorites.

If you find a restaurant with a limited menu, perhaps no more than three options and two that are variations of the first, this usually means that the chef has shopped for the day and will have picked up the ripest produce and the freshest meat or fish. Rousillon's terrace restaurant for instance, the stuffed zucchini are made for that day and the salmon is fresh from the vendor.
Restaurants to write home about:
In Mouries    the Valon de Gayet,          in
Apt,  La  Manade,          in Avignon,  La Fourchette.
Provence desert
Provence Market
apt Provence Restaurants
La Manade
Visit La Manade in the old historic district in the small city of Apt for a chalkboard limited menu in a small dining room.
Cooking Vacation in Provence,  
Dining Out
Lunch in the center of the village of Gault can follow a climb to the windmill at the top of the hill
A Provence Culinary Adventure should include a restaurant with a limited menu.
The chef will have shopped for the day and chosen the ripest produce and the freshest meat or fish.  The menu could include variations of the basic recipe.

Provence Restaurants

La Manade in Apt is just such a restaurant.
There the
menu is posted on a blackboard in the front to announce the meal for the day.

The chef will have shopped for the day and chosen the ripest produce and the freshest meat or fish.  The Chef includes variations of the basic recipe to offer choices.

Reach Provence

International flights serve Paris, Marseilles,  Locals Nimes and Avignon.
TGV Fast trains serve Avignon and Nimes from Paris.  Local trains serve Arles
Rental cars are available at the TGV Stations in Paris, Avignon, and Nimes.  Available also in Arles.
Autourope is available in Avignon at the TGV  train station.

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Cherries and apricots ripen in June near Gordes
Provence cooking
Apt was once the commercial center for lavender
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