Cooking With Herbs and Olive Oil
A short hunt in the hills around many of the villages in Provence will produce wild rosemary and  thyme that can enhance the cooking experience.
Herbs de Provence, as the magic potion is now called, can so often make an otherwise mundane recipe turn into something magical.
Spices and fresh ingredients are at the heart of Provence cooking and are plentiful in the Spring.
You can enjoy a hike while at the same time you can gather the wild spices that will enhance your cooking vacation in Provence.  The spices are plentiful in the markets but to forager in the hills could give a special meaning to your evening meal.
You could spend most days on your Provence culinary vacation gathering fresh vegetables, herbs, wine, and bread for your home-cooked Provence-style meals.
You can drive out towards the myriad hiking trails  between the olive groves and find rosemary lining the well worn trails.  Local legend has it that the animals in the hills have a diet rich in rosemary, sage, thyme, and savory, herbs that grow wild in the hills and plants that form the basis of Herbs de Provence, the legendary spice combination that is, along with first cold press olive oil and fresh vegetables, the heart of Provence cooking.
The cuisine of Provence: is a simple fare that depends on olive oil,  the only vegetable oil that comes from the fruit and not from the nut or seed.  Olive oil in Provence cooking can replace the use of butter; ubiquitous in the north of France but used sparingly in Provence. The oil in Provence is both vegetable and fruit in a miraculously cholesterol-friendly blend that compliments simple fare elevated by the ancient rustics to fine art.
If you search on the web, finding a rental house in Provence might be the easy part; finding one with a full kitchen will take a little time, and finding one that has nearby markets within walking distance and is still off the beaten tourist track took will take some research.

Culinary vacations to Provence got a boost with the book, "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle. His book unleashed a stream of British week enders and vacationers looking for warmer climes who bought many distressed properties and now rent them to visitors . Rock bottom prices on flights out of London by
Ryan Air has kept the flow steady and now a new book, "Heat" by Bill Bufford, extolling the virtues of Italian cooking and learning to cook in the villages, has kept the demand for rental houses up while prompting the landlords in Provence to offer fully outfitted kitchens along with their rentals for the vacationing hobby cook.
Provence Culinary Vacation
Provence Culinary Vacation
Provence Culinary Vacation, Provence Cooking
Herbs of Provence: the wild herbs growing in the hills of Provence could include lavender, thyme, rosemary, savory, and basil ; thyme and rosemary, the most common growing wild.  
Olive Oil and Herbs de Provence
Magic Herbs, Holy Oil
A short walk in the hills Provence will produce wild rosemary and  thyme and enhance the cooking experience.
Herbs of Provence
A Provence Culinary Vacation will include Olive Oil and the wild Herbs found in the hills of Provence.  Provence culinary adventures depend on Thyme and Rosemary and First Cold Press Olive Oil.
A Provence Culinary Vacation of cooking with Olive Oil and wild Herbs of Provence can start in Eygalieres a town south of Avignon
A Provence Culinary Vacation will include cooking with Olive Oil and the wild Herbs found in the hills of Provence, mainly thyme, rosemary, and bay leaf.  Provence culinary adventures depend on Thyme, Rosemary, and First Cold Press Olive Oil.
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Reach Provence From Paris
  • Air
International flights serve Paris, Marseilles,  Local flights reach Nimes and Avignon.
  • Train
TGV Fast trains serve Avignon, Aix,  Nimes, and Marseilles from Paris.  Local trains serve Arles
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Rental cars are available at CDG and at the TGV Stations in Paris, Avignon, Marseilles, and Nimes.  Available also in Arles.
Autourope is available in Avignon at the TGV  train station.
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