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Oaxaca Dining: A chef who once cooked for the Pope in the Vatican runs one of the modern   Oaxacan restaurants in the city that include  Italian, French, and Brazilian.  Most delve into Oaxaca's unique regional cuisine with recipes that  use the staples first developed by the ancients including Oaxaca's famous Moles. (Sauces)
Oaxaca's Great cuisine, and Cooking schools bring fledgling chefs to Oaxaca to study with the experts, most notable among the teachers in Oaxaca, Chef Susanna Trilling, author of, "Seasons Of My Heart."
The following article lists Favorite Oaxacan restaurants and comes by way of resident gourmands who like to dine out.
Oaxaca Restaurants,
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Review by Locals
La Toscana gets high marks for ambiance, service, and its great food.
A cello soloist might accompany your lunch of Italian favorites or Oaxacan dishes served in an elegant old building with an enclosed patio.
Oaxacan dining on Squash blossom soup in an elegant colonial hacienda at La Toscana
Oaxaca Restaurant Review by Locals
Oaxaca City lies in a valley at 5000 feet between two mountain ranges in South Central Mexico.  
Restaurant Reviews
La Escondida: Oaxacan cooking 101, this all you can eat buffet will be the visitors introduction to Oaxacan cooking. A local guide would be helpful when dining here but almost all dishes are without excessive hot spices (Chiles). This place crowds up on Sunday a Oaxacan family day. Cab or drive south of the city on the Mitla road just a few miles from the city.
Hacienda de la Santa Marta: A DC 3  crashed in a field so the story goes and rather than move it a restaurateur built his place around it and now the kids play on it while parents dine. (Legend only) Owned by the same operators of .La Escondida  this one follows the same buffet formula and is Oaxacan cooking 101, north. On the road to the archaeological ruin of San Jose El Mogote in the beautiful Etla valley, This place crowds up on Sunday a Oaxacan family day. Cab or drive north of the city on the Etla Valley road eight miles from the city.   Great food, plenty of choices   $120 pesos  Buffet style
Oaxaca's Zocalo Restaurants: Oaxaca has a large central park called the Zocalo that is surrounded by pedestrian-only streets. Two second floor restaurants on the west side overlook the large plaza and one has a nice view of the Cathedral. A third second-floor restaurant on the east side is set back a bit from the park. These restaurants have sidewalk dining below them. The second floor restaurants, La Casa de la Abuela and El Jardin serve Oaxacan cuisine at reasonable prices and include the exotics like roasted grasshopper.
Terra Nova  the restaurant on the east side of the plaza is traditional with less Old Oaxaca ambiance but good food at good prices.  Terra Nova Alto on the top floor overlooking the zocalo is quiet and delivers good regional food at good prices.i
The east side of the plaza or Zocalo now has a Japanese sushi restaurant and a fast food start-up competing with the traditional eateries.
Coffee Shops: Coffee grows in Oaxaca State and some great coffees come out of the local shops. Several cafés offer free WiFi for those traveling with a laptop or notebook.   
A short cab ride outside the city
Oaxaca Cooking Classes
La Casa Del Tio Guero Restaurant
Serving typical Oaxacan cuisine with a vegetarian and
meat menu is offering cooking classes every week year round
Sign up at the restaurant on Garcia Vigil (street) #715
Eight blocks north of the Zocalo  
Tel. 51 69584
Hipocampo's: a square meal for a bargain price, can't beat the sandwiches for 25 pesos
No frills table service, good food and plenty of it.  Sandwiches breakfast coffee served all day.    Lunch starts around 1: pm. One and a half blocks west of the Zocalo on Hidalgo.  
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Oaxaca Restaurants in Oaxaca Mexico are reviewed here with local opinions about the modern Oaxacan restaurants that include Italian, French, and Brazilian. Most restaurants include Oaxaca's unique regional cuisine including Oaxaca's famous Moles. (Sauces)
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