Shopping becomes an event in New York city
Toys R Us keeps the kids happy with giant ferris wheel in side the multi-story toy store in Times Square
Times Square, center of theater, music and dance
New York City Shopping
Make a walk a Boutique Tour in lower midtown by starting in Washington Square in the heart of Greenwich Village.  In the 60s, flattop acoustic tunes about Bleeker Street rallied Bohemian artists and poets, street singers and protesters to the arch and fountain.  High rents have chased the poets to SoHo and East Village but their children occasionally prowl the park in hippie tie-dye.
From the Square walk north along New York City's heart of sophisticated glitter, Fifth Avenue.  The breezes in the Ginkgo Trees whisper permission to absorb the Fifth Avenue luxury and shop, "You owe it to yourself".  Fifteen blocks of glamorous boutiques will quell that simmering passion for acquisition.  Bric-a-brac, or bauble, Armani or Matsuda, tidbit or treasure, you beast of greed will sup and slake while Ginkgo breezes sigh, "If not now, then when".
Teddy Roosevelt was a fellow walker.  He, the original Teddy Bear, charged up San Juan Hill leading his troops and later led visiting dignitaries on walking tours of DC.  In every walker's heart as a preserver of the natural places, our 26th President, winner of a Nobel Peace Prize, was born on East 20th Street and our walk passes the museum that was his house.
Intrepid Museum

Near Gramercy Park we find the Gramercy Tavern on East 20th pleasing diners who enjoy NY bistro chatter with impeccable service and honest cuisine.  Tables in the back offer quiet privacy; any seat brings great food.  If you have escaped fifth Avenue with cash or a credit card not in the red zone, you can choose from ten restaurants south of this area or walk south to Lady Mendl's 19th century Victorian townhouse on Irving Place for parlor and a five-course afternoon high tea.  
South on Irving to the art district of SoHo where galleries and trendy clothing stores give this once rundown area a new luster.  
A walk south to 4th and then Houston or a short cab ride will take you to Little Italy and Mulberry Street's 30 restaurants for European dining beneath sidewalk umbrellas.  Da Nico's, a favorite of former Mayor Guiliani, offers coal-fired brick oven Pizza, 80 choice wines, and outdoor garden dining that will take you to Tuscany.  Puglia Ristorante on Hester, between Mulberry and Mott will put you in Southern Italy while Sambuca's Café on Mulberry will serve up a Cappuccino and Tiramisu dessert transporting you to Rome.
Dining in
New York City
New York City Walk To Dining
Four Walking Tours
New York City  Museums    
Chinese more your style, walk 7 blocks on Mulberry to Canal Street through the largest Chinatown in the US and have Szechwan, Hunan, Shanghai, Cantonese, or Mandarin cuisine.
A cab to B.B. King's Blues Club or Centro-Fly's edgy music club could end your evening with a dance on the wild side.
The fourth tour, The River Walk starts on Wall Street at The Federal Hall National Monument where George Washington took the oath of office as our first President.  Most visitors spend a quiet moment at the huge black fenced area contemplating the hole in the heart of the city where once stood the spires of the World Trade Center.  The Deli beside the site will always be a memorable stop because it stayed open during the rescue and cleanup, keeping the coffee flowing for the firefighters who searched for their brethren after the tragedy.
Cross-town to the east, the old Fulton Fish Market, reborn as a shopping district, borders the river walk beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  To walk the longest suspension bridge in the world at its opening in 1883 and the first to light its roadway with electricity, start 9 blocks west of the Riverwalk at the 1811 French Renaissance/Georgian style City Hall.  
South on the Riverwalk, the antique, square-rigged tall ships, tug boat, and cargo vessels of the Seaport Museum make this an historic and exciting area.  Walk south to the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the New York City Police Museum, The National Museum of the American Indian, or the Fraunces Tavern museum, and to the Battery Park and the boat for the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.
Between 1892 and 1938 twelve million immigrants passed through the museums portal to freedom in America.  You will need two to three hours to explore the processing center where you can examine the ship's records for names of your immigrant ancestors.  From Battery Park, tours run to the Hudson River for views of the Statue of Liberty.
New York City Dining
while walking in New York city you can find 31 restaurants in and near the border of Central Park and at Columbus Circle
High-speed Acela trains serve New York City from Boston and Washington DC
Dining is a great experience in New York City because of the Italian, Chinese and many other ethnic neighborhoods.
Photo courtesy Circle Line
Ethnic festival keep the entertaining and dining experience interesting
The River Walk along the shore beneath the brooklyn Bridge
Guided tours of the UN building
New York City Walks
Fly  high during a two-hour trapeze lesson at Trapeze School New York, located in Hudson River Park, where you fly through the air and into the hands of a catcher, a safe and exciting finale of your New York City walking tour.
New York City offers more than even the most ambitious visitor could cover in one week.  Investigating hidden treasures in quirky boutiques, strolling the hundreds of fine art galleries, sampling exotic foods in ethnic neighborhoods, and chatting with friendly New Yorkers turns a walk on any street into a journey of discovery, often a slow one.  Let these four walking tours guide you and help make New York City your Big Apple; slicing it will be up to you.
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New York City is a great place for a walking tour, all the culture, museums, dining and boutique lodging and hotels are within a walk of the four sections Uptown, Midtown, Riverwalk, and Battery.
New York City's sections make it a great place for a walking tour.  Divide the city into  four sections, Uptown, Midtown, Riverwalk, and Battery and walk one each day.
New York City  is an exciting City for a walking tour.  Times Square and the Theater District offer dining and entertainment.
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