Mount Washington New Hampshire, Easy  Hike, Tuckerman Ravine
The Tuckerman Ravine Trail is one of Mount
Washington New Hampshire's easy Hikes.
The juncture of the Androscoggin and the Appalachian
trail occurs at the northern edge of the White Mountain
National Forest, a huge area of hiking trails, the best
known of which is the
Tuckerman Ravine Trail, a
four-mile hike from the base of
Mount Washington to
the glacial cirque called Tuckerman Ravine
There are many  ways to ascend Mount Washington but
visitors who drive or go by the vans wont reach
Tuckermans Ravine. The Auto Road goes to the top at
6288 feet elevation, the highest peak in NH and the
highest on the eastern seaboard north of Georgia.
For a fee you can drive to the top
On Route 16, across from the Auto Road entrance, a livery service makes
runs to the top of Mount Washington
There are many was to enjoy this area, but even for the beginning
hiker or the less active, the Tuckerman Ravine Trail is gentle
enough to provide a day of hiking even for families with children.
Once you reach the base of the ravine you can decide
to climb higher or to rest before the trip back down.
There is a well with drinking water and a rangers
station at the base of Tuckerman Ravine.
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Along the trail there is a stream and waterfall
The lower section of trail is gentle and for a
family or non hiker could take 3-4 hours.
Once you reach the base of the ravine you can
decide to climb higher or to rest before the trip
back down. There is a well with drinking water
and a ranger station at the base of Tuckerman
The trail steepens after the mid point and then
the trail goes above tree line.
A Mount Washington New Hampshire Easy  Hike is
Tuckerman Ravine Trail, the lower portion.  The trail has a
nice blend of easy walking for seniors and families, and a
few steep places to attract the avid hiker.
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