Bus Transportation reaches Mexico's colonial cities and taxis reach the preserved centro historico such as Santo Domingo Church Oaxaca
  • ADO Bus Line,
Grand Luxury Division http://www.adogl.com.mx
(Lujo service only, does not include ADO first class buses)
  • Flecha Amarilla
Will open as Primera Plus, an elevated level of service.
From Mexico Norte Terminal covering west and north as far as Mazatlan

UNO Bus Line  Changed to Platino http://www.uno.com.mx/  
Mexico City Terminals and partial bus schedules
Airlines Serving Mexico from US
Mexico Transportation, Taxis, Colectivos, Bus Travel
Travel to Mexico
Alta Vista Ruin, Zacatecas, Mexico
Merida Mexico
Pallenque, Chiapas,  Mexico
Festival in Oaxaca
  • Colectivo:   (Collective Cab)  
The Colectivo is a shared taxi cab with a price considerably lower than a private cab. The problem with the colectivo is that the drivers often try to overload the vehicle, putting two passengers in the single front seat. For this reason, the best seats are in the back.  Four people sharing a private cab can often do as well as a colectivo on short trips, but to the distant villages, the colectivo is a bargain.

  • Camioneta:  
Coastal regions have Camionetas, a pickup with a covered cab and two bench seats in back that holds a dozen or more passengers and that will make stops along the way. They take you from the bus terminal to the beach at a real bargain rate if you don’t mind being stuffed into the bed of a pickup truck.

  • Colectivo, Airport:
Airports and some towns also have van colectivos that are comfortable.
Palenque, Patzcuaro, Zihuatanejo, and Tapachula for instance have
van colectivos that are no-frills (no AC) but are comfortable and inexpensive. Palenque village to Palenque ruin for 10 pesos, for example. (less than $1. USD) Palenque to the crossroads of Bonampak, $ 60. Pesos. (90 miles)
  • Crossroads Colectivo
This will be a collective cab or van that will get you to the village center or the beach from the main highway where the first and second class buses stop. From the crossroads you take the collective cab into the village main plaza. The larger villages might also have bus service from the village center to the second class terminal in the nearby city.
  • Combi
A Combi is a shared van similar to a colectivo above but a van rather then a passenger car.
Article:  Palenque transportation and trips to Bonampak ruin
  • Taxi Fare
rate but you should ask before entering because some cities have two systems, one an unofficial (pirate) system that will not follow the established rate.
  • Acapulco
Taxis in Acapulco are plentiful and you can hail them on the street or at the many cab stands.  Ask the price before entering.
In Mexico City it is best to have the concierge or hotel manager secure the cab or have the airport or bus station starter make the arrangement rather than take a chance hailing a cab in the street.
  • Fare and Destination
Have a firm price and a firm destination before entering the cab.   In some places such as Mazunte/ Zipolite, the drivers will try to burn you for an extra mile or two if you haven't specified the exact location, such as your hotel.  Most drivers in Mexico are honest family men, however, and once a price is agreed on you should not have a problem
San luis Potosi  Mexico
Mexico Transportation includes Taxis one of the most important modes of transport in the cities.  Next in importance is First Class Bus service which reaches all corners of Mexico in luxury and is the best option for a long or medium distance trip.
First class bus transportation reaches Mexico's colonial cities such as Oaxaca, above,  and taxis reach the Centro Historico for tours of preserved buildings such as Santo Domingo Church.
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