• Transportation to Flores Guatemala and the ruin of Tikal
To reach Flores Guatemala and the ruin of Tikal,  take the collectivo to Frontera Corosal and find a launch that goes to Bethel Guatemala.   You need to arrange this before hand with the tour agency San Juan Tours or other agent in Palenque to be sure there will be transportation available for you at Bethel Guatemala.
All the drivers and boat drivers use cell phones to make arrangements.  They know when the vans and tour buses are available.  
To make this trip you must pass through the small Mexican Customs station in Frontera Corozal.  You will give up your Mexican Tourist card,(visa)  
You board the launch for the half hour trip up the Usumacinta River and reach the small village of Bethel in Guatemala.  You pass through Guatemala customs.  No payment is needed, you pay when leaving the country,  40 Guatemalan Quetzals.  (GTQ) about $5. USD.  This could
vary, you might pay at the check point in Bethel and not pay when leaving the country)    See  Exchange Rate

A money changer will be at the border station.  Start very early on these trips.

  • Tikal
Lodging and transportation options are available in the town of Isla Flores located on Lake Peten.  Lodging is also available at the Tikal ruin site.
From Flores,  Guatemala and
Tikal,  independent travelers often go on and travel through Belize or to Guatemala City.

Collectivo Transportation Services

  • Chamoan Transportation
Chamoan runs white vans from their terminal located just off (west) of  the Cabeza Maya sculpture,  just down the hill and to the right side of the road you will see their terminal.  (Just a parking lot)   Vans start at 5 am and run hourly for the 90 mile trip.   to Frontera Corozal, 100 Pesos one way.
  • Benemiento  (Mextomiento)
Transportes Benemiento runs vans from the same terminal  (parking lot) to the Frontera for 70 Pesos starting at 3:30 am running hourly until 5 pm   70 Pesos one way. (Seasonal schedule and price may change)

These  vans will pick up and drop off passenger along the way.
The collective vans are the local bus for the people living along the highway that runs parallel to the Usumacinta River.  The drivers are just drivers they do not tour or answer questions or offer information on customs, money exchange or any other topic.  They just drive.  The vans do not have AC.   This is the budget option for travel to Frontera Corozal.
Immigration authorities are active on the road, best to have a passport and copy of your Mexican visa.

Package Tours from Palenque to Ruin Sites
For visitors that want a level of comfort there are several tour agencies located in the town of Palenque that run trips to Yaxchilan, Bonampak,  Tonina, Agua Azule, the cascades. and to Flores, Guatemala for trips to Tikal.
(Note on Flores trips.)
The Flores trips are package deals that include transportation by San Juan Travel from Bethel Guatemala to Flores, Guatemala,  These vehicles are not air conditioned.  The drivers are just drivers not tour guides so there might be no help with customs and immigration and money changing.  

  • Mundo Maya de Viajes Misol-Ha  offers  packages via AC
van to Bonampak, Yaxchilan, and other destinations.  They are located on Calle  (Street)  Benito Juarez, the main street in Palenque City.  English and Spanish spoken.   www.viajesmisol-ha.com.mx
  • OTC tours running vans tour packages to Bonampak, Yaxchilan, and Flores.
English and Spanish spoken.   Flores via San Juan Travel
  • Kichan Ba-jlum, packages, Yaxchilan, Bonampak, Agua Azule  www.kichanbajlum.com

Area Ruin Sites, Sightseeing:
  • Bonampak Ruin Site, is an abandoned stone city built by the Mayans
between the 5th and 10th centuries AD near the Usumacinta River and the border with Guatemala in Mexico's southern most State of Chiapas.
Bonampak was once an important Mayan political center allied with nearby Yaxchilan.
  • Yaxchilan. The Mayan inhabitants abandoned the city around 1000 AD. The site is isolated and reached by boat on the Usumacinta River.
From the city of Palenque, collectivos and tour buses make the two and a half hour trip to Bonampak and Yaxchilan.   
  • Tonina
Tonina is a Mayan ruin site in the town of Ocosingo on the San Cristobal de las Casas road.  Tonina Photos

Tours also leave Palenque and follow a different road for the cascades
  • Agua Azule is on the road to  San Cristobal de las Casas. On that road,  the
Mayan Ruin of Tonina can be reached from the town of Ocosingo which also has an ADO terminal.
Transportation from Palenque reaches Bonampak
Palenque Ruin Chiapas Mexico
Reach the ruin site of Usumacinta River
Up to Date Ruins Travel Information as of  January 2012, Transportation Details For Ruins Transportation:   

Tikal Flores     Frontera Corozal,   Tonina,    Uxmal,     Bonampak / Yaxchilan,    Palenque,    Chichen Itza, Tulum,      Merida      Valladolid Cenote and Bus,
Palenque Ruin Site
Yaxchilan Ruin Site
Bonampak Murals, Transportation from Palenque
Tikal Ruin Site, Guatemala Transportation
Tonina Ruin Site
Up to Date Information to reach Palenque and distant ruin sites of Yaxchilan, Bonampak and the Guatemalan town of Flores for trips to the ruin site of Tikal.
Timely info about transportation or complete package tours to many Mayan ruin sites.
Palenque Bus, Hotels
Palenque Ruin Site
Palenque Area Ruin Sites
Where Is Tikal  Ruin
Index Mexico Ruin Sites
Maya Ruin Sites
Palenque Area Ruins Tour
Tikal Lodging, Hotels  
Maya Ruin Site Travel Details, For Travelers Visiting During December 2012
The Maya were avid astronomers and record keepers.  They used the concept of zero and it is proposed by some researchers that they knew that the world was a sphere as was the sun and moon.  Their world was in a repeating 5,125 year cycle and that iteration would end at some time.  That time is here.

December 21, 2012,  the winter solstice, is the date for the end of the Maya world and for the entire world according to some.  
This date is subject to much debate due to various interpretations of the Mayan calendar and the Mayan culture.  None the less, many people are anticipating the end of the world in December of 2012 and many will travel to the Maya region to await the apocalypse.
Others will travel to celebrate a new era as perhaps the Mayans would have done.

See detailed description of the phenomenon at Wiki   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_phenomenon
ADO  Bus runs very modern bus service  that connects through the City of  Villahermosa,  through Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Merida, Cancun and other cities.

A small airport on the outskirts of the town of Palenque has cab service into the city of Palenque.

Palenque, a city of  85,000,  offers a variety of
transportation to many other ruin sites.

Transportation To Ruin Sites
  • Palenque Ruin Site and Museum,
To reach Palenque Ruin Site catch the white van collective taxis that make runs to the ruin about every 15 minutes and cost 10 pesos.  They round the rotary at the Cabeza Maya, a large sculptured head at the entrance to the town.
Once they reach the ruin, they park for ten or fifteen minutes and wait to fill.

Transportation to Other Mayan Ruin Sites.
  • Transportation To Yaxchilan Ruin Site
Two van services run no frills collectivos to the Frontera for boat trips to the Mayan Site of Yaxchilan.  
The vans reach Frontera Corosal, a small town on the banks of the Usumacinta River in the Zona Lacondona. This town is about 90 miles from Palenque.   Have small change for water, food and the 15 pesos park entrance fee.
  • Transportation to Bonampak Ruin Site.   
The vans drop passengers at the crossroads for Mayan Bonampak.   From there visitors can find collective taxis to the 14 miles of dirt road to the Bonampak Ruin,
Bonampak Ruin Chiapas Mexico
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