Guelaguetza Parades In Oaxaca During July, A Festival Of Culture And Dance
Guelaguetza Parade, Oaxaca, Video
Guelaguetza Oaxaca

  • Participants
Guelaguetza is a time of giving thanks through offering or gift giving; Guelaguetza is gift in the Zapotec language.  
The Guelaguetza Festival includes performances by groups of dancers, musical bands, and performers  who come to the city of Oaxaca from the eight distinct regions of the State of Oaxaca to celebrate their way of life.  
  • Tradition
The July tradition honors an agricultural way of life and goes back several thousand years to the thanking of the Gods for favorable rains.  The performers dance in the streets as they march to the historic city center in preparation for the stage plays that occur on the two Mondays in the latter part of July. During the marches the participants shower the audience with offerings typical of their region.  This is the essence of the Guelaguetza, a sharing of gifts from the earth and reaching out in the spirit of community
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The Guelaguetza parades In Oaxaca during the July cultural festival of dance include many indigenous groups dressed in traditional costumes  to celebrate their agricultural way of life.
  • Tourist Office,  City Tourist Information
The best source of up to date information is the City Tourist Office, located at 102 Matamoros.  They are across from the club La Tentation at the big i   Between Calle (street) Garcia Vigil and the Alcala, three blocks north of the Zocalo.
Oaxaca Guelaguetza Regional Culture and  Dance Festival, last two weeks in July
  •     Guelaguetza Folkloric Parades
The folkloric parades form at the Stone Cross Garden or at the Llano Park.  The parade then marches south on the pedestrian only Alcala to the Zocalo and the Oaxaca Cathedral.
The Parades of the Delegations occur on the two Saturdays before the Monday performances on the hill del Fortin.

The "Garden of the Stone Cross" is near the aqueduct, between Alcala  and Garcia Vigil. The route is south on the Alcala to the Zocalo and Cathedral    
(Check with tourist info each day as these dates and times often change)
The July parades  feature performers who dance in the streets as they march to the Centro Historico of Oaxaca City.
They shower the visitors with gifts emblematic of the agriculture in their home region: coffee beans, pineapples, etc.

Guelaguetza Schedule and Ticket Price

2015 dates:  Two days of performances; July 20 and July 27,  
Two performances daily, 10 am performance and 5 pm performance
Ticket Price:  Section A,  1237 Pesos, Section B, 960 Pesos,  
Section C and D, free
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