Estrella Blanca Bus, Acapulco To Zipolite Beach, Bus on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast

To Reach Zipolite Beach, Details From The Bus Station At Pochutla.

Plenty of cabs are available in Pochutla at the bus station.
If you group with others you can split the
100 Pesos fee and save,  The trip fee is the same regardless of the number of  passengers.  

Another option is the collective cab which leaves hourly from in front of the church in Pochutla, Three blocks north, one block east of the bus terminal.  The colectivo is not allowed to pick up passengers at the bus station but will pick up at the church and at the crossroads of Route 200 and Route 175.  The fee will be 20 Pesos each passenger to Zipolite

Another option is called camioneta (explained), a pickup truck with a covered rear bed that makes frequent stops anywhere along the route and charges 10 Peso fare..  

OCC Bus, Pochutla for Zipolite From Oaxaca City

  • OCC buses
OCC Buses from the ADO first class terminal in Oaxaca City reach  Huatulco and then go north along the coast to Pochutla. (10 hours), and then Puerto Escondido.

  • Second Class bus service leaves
Oaxaca City's Second Class terminal and goes over the mountains to Puerto Escondido or to Pochutla.  (8 hours)
  • Van services makes the run to Pochutla. (6 hours)
Van Fare is 150  Pesos from Oaxaca City.  
The mountain driving can be tough on those prone to motion sickness.  

Dramamine has been report effective by passengers
taking the vans and for those particularly sensitive who will take the bus.
  • Cold Buses
Buses can be cold due to Air Conditioning and to high altitude..
From Pochutla, taxis and collective taxis reach Zipolite

Estrella Blanca Bus to Puerto Escondido and Pochutla

Reach Mazunte and Puerto Angel's beaches nearby by taxi, colectivo, or camioneta.  The collective taxis pick up and drop off passengers all along Calle Principal, the road that runs parallel to the beaches of Mazunte, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel.

Playa Panteon in Puerto Angel gives you the most relaxed swimming beach and a modern hotel with snorkel tours, scuba diving, and sightseeing boat tours leaving from the beach.

Sur Buses

sur Busd is a local bus run by ADO to Pochutla from the ADO Terminal on Route 200 near the Super Che Department Store in Puerto Escondido.   .  38 Pesos,   Comfortable ride
The buses  cover the forty miles in about 50- 90 minutes.

Acapulco is served by Estrella Blanca Bus
Puerto Escondido is served by Estrella Blanca Bus from Acapulco
Puerto Escondido is served by Estrella Blanca Bus from Acapulco
Puerto Escondido is served by Estrella Blanca Bus from Acapulco Ejido Station
Pochutla  is served by Estrella Blanca Bus from Acapulco

Estrella Blanca Bus Lines

Groupo Estrella Blanca's Other Lines:
Chihuahuenses, Futura, Elite, Oriente, Pacifico, Frontera, and TNS.  These limes run out of Mexico City Terminal Norte, Sur, and other stations to cover a good portion of northern Mexico to the US border on the Gulf and Pacific Coast.  They also cover much of Central Pacific Mexico.  

Estrella Blanca Pacific Coast Bus Routes

Estrella Blanca serves Puerto Escondido from Acapulco's  Ejido Station with about eight (subject to change)  trips a day on the coastal road,  Route 200.
In most cases you just show up to buy your ticket; the buses are never crowded except during the Christmas and New Years holidays and Easter Vacation.

Estrella Blanca makes regular runs on the bus route between Acapulco and Huatulco, Oaxaca, with stops in Puerto Escondido and Pochutla.  This could be a Futura Bus, a division of Estrella Blanca.  

Oaxaca's Zipolite Beach  
Zipolite Beach
can be reached by Estrella Blanca Futura Bus or by Altamar Bus (from Acapulco Ejido terminal)  to the town of Pochutla on coast road 200 and then taxi.
  • First Class Bus Service, Estrella Blancal
Futura buses leave the Ejido terminal in Acapulco and travel the coast road to Puerto Escondido, Pochutla, and Huatulco.
The 1st class, Estrella Blanca Bus leaves daily at 6AM, 10AM, 3PM, 7PM, and 10PM  
(subject to change)

early buses are lso run by Alta Mar
  • Alta Mar Bus
Alta Mar  buses also cover this route from acapulco Ejido Station to Puerto Escondido and Pochutla.  Zipolite is in Pochutla, about six miles from the bus station.  .
Acapulco Estrella Blanca Bus serves routes from Acapulco to Oaxaca's Pacific Coast
Acapulco is served by Estrella Blanca Bus
Acapulco cliff divers platform
Estrella Blanca Bus serves from Acapulco To Pochutla for Zipolite Beach on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast.  First Class Buses from Acapulco reach Puerto Escondido and Pochutla. Taxi to Zipolite, Puerto Angel, and Mazunte,
To reach Zipolite Beach take Estrella Blanca Bus south from Acapulco to Puerto Escondido,
Continue south to Pochutla on Estrella Blanca, OCC Bus or Sur bus, (Sur/ADO)  t0 reaches Pochutla.    Collective taxis called camioneta go from Pochutla to Zipolite and Mazunte on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast.  Otherwise share a taxi (100 Pesos) or go to the church to take a collective taxi.  (20 Pesos)
ollectivos  (shared taxi) can not pick up passengers near the bus station, only at the church and at the crossroads to Route 200. for trips  to Puerto Angel, Zipolite, or Mazunte.

Taxis and Camionetas
(shared pick up truck) serve Zipolite from Pochutla just across from the bus station.  The camioneta pick up passengers just to the left, about two blocks as you leave the bus station.
Los Flamingos Hotel reached by Estrella Blanca Bus to Ejido Station and taxi
Estrella Blanca Bus serves routes from Acapulco to Oaxaca's Pacific Coast
Zipolite is reached by collective taxi from the Estrella Blanca/ADO Bus Terminal in Pochutla
Acapulco cliff diver location.
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