Erie Barge Canal work boat
Wealthy Victorian Towns Between Albany and Buffalo
Completed in 1825, the Erie Canal proved a most successful Canal and would make New York City the financial center of the Empire State
Erie Canal History, In Depth History of the Erie Canal
In 1825 The Erie Canal Opened a Water Route Of 365 Miles From Albany To Buffalo
Barges Pulled by Mules on Canal Towpaths Made the Trip in Ten Days
Remnants of the 1825 Erie Canal, the first of three versions, offers historic sites and old towpaths where mules once pulled the boats
The Erie Canal followed the path of least resistance from the ocean to the Great Lakes; there were no major mountain ranges in its path.  
The 363-mile canal was the first all-water link from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic's eastern seaports.
The original canal was built starting in 1817 and completed in 1825 with a depth of four feet, a width of 40 feet, and the use of 83 locks to lift boats a total of 570 feet from sea level on the Hudson River at Troy, to Lake Erie near Buffalo  

Canals had long been dreamed of and even planned by engineers such as George Washington who mapped a route when he had his headquarters in Newburgh, NY.
rivers for navigation and commerce near By 1790 a private company had improved several Schenectady and Oswego,  but it was the will of De Wit Clinton, the Governor of New York, that would make a State-wide seaway possible.
Just as they would have in 1825, Boats tie up in Fairport (below)for the night.
Boats shaped like the one in the foreground, narrow with a shallow draft, would have carried passengers and livestock west, grain, ore, and finished goods east
The last modernization in 1917 created a barge canal capable of conveying  commercial cargo between Buffalo and NY City
Erie Canal's tow paths have been paved for safe biking and walking. The once prosperous manufacturing towns have attempted to change with the times and stay vital.
Erie Canal History
Much of the Canal equipment has been preserved and is 1920s vintage.
Much of the Erie Canal meticulously preserved Much of the Erie Canal and is 1917 vintage, the lock equipment has been time of the last major improvement.
The first canal built in 1825 was 40 feet wide and four feet deep. Boats could carry as much as 30 tons of freight.
The now abandoned tow paths have become bike trails
On October 26, 1825, the Governor and other dignitaries made the first York City, a distance of 500 miles.  There in NY Harbor Governor Clinton ceremoniously dumped a barrel of Lake Erie water into NY harbor calling it the, "Joining Of The waters.". From that point on, New York City would eclipse both Boston and Philadelphia as the shipping hub of the US and would become the premier financial and commercial city in the country.   
By 1862 the canal had been so successful that  improvement were made to increase cargo capacity. Depth was increase form the original four feet to seven feet and the cargo capacity of the barges increased to 240 tons. By 1883 the canal became free of tolls; it had recouped all construction and maintenance costs and profited the State $42 million.
An Erie Canal in depth history follows the path of least resistance taken by the Erie Canal from the ocean to the Great Lakes.
On its course there were no major mountain ranges on the 363-mile, all-water link from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic
west end. Check Auto Europe's Flights and Rental vehicles.
Albany at the east end of the Erie canal has air service from
Albany International Airport (ALB) Rental Cars Available   
  • Auto
Interstate highway 90 runs parallel to the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo
  • Bus
Greyhound, Trailways, and other bus lines service Buffalo and Albany.  Bikes can go aboard in the luggage compartment
•Baggage must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height). A charge of $30 - $40 (depending on the distance traveled) will be applied to any baggage above the 62-inch limit.
◦Packaging exceptions will only be made for the following items: bicycles, skis and ski poles must be packed in wood, canvas or other substantial container, and securely fastened    (Excerpted from Greyhound)
  • Train
Amtrak, Albany-Rensselaer, NY, (ALB) To Buffalo,  Depew, NY,  (BUF),   $47 USD , five hours
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Erie Canal history includes the old locks of the Erie Canal built in 1825
Erie Canal history includes the old locks of the first Erie Canal built in 1825
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