Day of the Dead Transportation
October, November festival of Dia de Muertos,  The Day of the Dead.
If  you do use public transportation, taxi, or colectivo to visit the villages in the Valley of Oaxaca during the end of October Day of the Dead cemetery visit  you must consider the return trip.  Note where the taxis pick up passengers and at what time service stops.  Bus service could end at ten pm.  
Villages such as Xoxo will be crowded.  On the way to the cemetery  you will pass decorated home altars and sand paintings in the village centers. The streets will be very different even to those familiar with the town.  At the two cemeteries you will see candle lit tombs decorated with flowers.  By ten pm families crowd in to the cemeteries and light thousands of candles and sit by the grave in an age-old ritual of waiting for the return of the spirits.  Plan your return to the City of Oaxaca between ten pm and twelve pm.
Day of the Dead Oaxaca
Day of the Dead Cemetery Visit Oaxaca, Transportation
  • Self Guide
To make a Day of the Dead Cemetery visit you can self guide and reach the cemetery by bus or taxi.  Arrange for your return with the driver or note where the collective taxi pick up point will be.  
Buses will not run late in the night.

You could also go with a tour group or one o f the many Oaxaca Tour Agencies who take visitors to the villages.  
  • Group Tour
For the first time visitor it is better to go with a tour group.  The tour guides provide the transportation and will make sure that you see all there is to see. The guides will help you make photographs.l
During the week before the Day Of The Dead in Oaxaca, the city prepares for the festival with parades, concerts, street exhibitions, and art competitions with a Day of the Dead theme.
On the Day of the Dead, the last night of October, the people of the village of Xoxocotlan,just a few miles from Oaxaca City  after they decorate the tombs with flowers, marigold petals, and thousands of candles.

Xoxocotlan celebrates in Two cemeteries.

by Public city bus, Taxi, collective taxis, or private guided tour  is available to reach Xoxocotlon
Check the bus schedule for return; buses do not run all night
Day of the Dead cemetery visits are preceded by many festivities and parades, competitions for the best altar (offering) ofrenda and for the best sand painting. All of this action takes place on the streets of Oaxaca, a sophisticated city in south Central Mexico on the week leading up to the first Day of the Dead, October 31.
  • Cemetery Tour
The tour guides will escort you in the cemetery where the Oaxacan people have decorated their tombs and altars with marigold flowers, fruits, chocolate, special bread, and candles. They welcome visitors and want you to appreciate the offering.
Day of the Dead Cemetery Vigil,  Oaxaca Xoxocotlan, Evening  October 31
Oaxaca Day of the Dead Schedule of Cemetery Visits
October, 31
Xoxocotlan. This town a few miles southwest of Oaxaca City  has two Cemeteries, Cementario Viejo, and the new Cementario Nuevo.

October 31, the village of Atzompa holds a later cemetery vigil starting around 11 pm.

Day of the Dead November 1
Oaxaca City Cemetery, Panteon General on the east side of the city

Tlaixtac de Cabrera, six miles south east of Oaxaca City

San Felipe del Agua, north of Oaxaca City November 2,
Village of San Antonino Castillo Velasco  
A flower growing village that celebrates a week after the others
The Day of the Dead Cemetery visit transportation is available by bus, taxi, or car for cemetery visits on October 31 or November 1 and 2nd.  You can also go with one of the many Oaxaca Tour Agencies who take visitors to the villages.  
See schedule of Cemetery Visits below
Day of the Dead Cemetery Visit Oaxaca, Transportation can be by public bus, taxi, collective taxi or private car.
Day of the Dead Oaxaca Mexico
  • Day Of The Dead,  Reach the Cemeteries:  
The Day of the Dead Cemetery visit transportation is available from Oaxaca city by bus, taxi, or car.  Cemetery visits occur on October 31, November 1 and Nov. 2nd.  
  • Guided Cemetery Tours
First time visitors are best off with one of the many Oaxaca Tour Agencies such as Borroco Tours located on Garcia Vigil  (street)  They arrange small or large group van and bus tours for visitors to the villages.  They guide you in the cemetery, help you make photos, and provide local information about the event.
  • Self Guided Tour
Otherwise the best option is taxi, collective taxi, or bus to the village.  Arrange for your return or determine the loading place at the village when you arrive.  It could be difficult to find later in the evening.  
Day of the Dead Oaxaca Mexico, Cemetery Visits Transportation
Day of the Dead, Transportation to The Cemeteries
Bus To Xoxocotlan

The public bus runs
to Xoxo south on
Benito Juarez
past the Llano Park.
 The bus is marked
Another bus runs
from a terminal
bocks south
of the Zocalo on
Avenue Bustamante,
one block
past the church on
your left.  This bus
runs to
Zaachila with stops
in Xoxocotlan and

Buses do not run
after 11 pm
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