Photos While Traveling

If you would like to make better travel photos but
still travel light, try these tips and techniques are
covered in depth in new book,
 "Make And Sell
Digital Travel Photos."

Even if you photograph for pleasure you can use
some of the techniques in this book to generate
travel content good enough for magazines and

  • Whether digital or film based, you need low
    ISO, good saturation and sharpness for
    magazine reproduction and for stock

  • Learn to achieve sharpness without a tripod\


  • Depth of Field Techniques
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David Hilbert, Photographer, Travel Website Editor, Travel Writer, Author Photo Tutorial Books

Recent Photo Projects

Photographer on New York Author Cyntia Weill's book, "My Skeleton Family,"  Cinco Punto Press, USA

Contributor to David Rice's Travel Book, "Stranded In Chicken," Available through Amazon Books

Contributed photos for Archaeologia Mexicana Magazine and other books and magazines in Mexico

Authored Photo Tutorial, "Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos,"
Available through Amazon Books

Photographed CD Covers and brochures for Organos de Historicos de Oaxaca 

Contributing stock photos internationally

Contributed to Hector Palacios book of Poetry with English and Spanish translations, "  Available through Amazon Books
  Anoche Vinieron Los Diablos

David Hilbert, Sample Travel Images

Photo Tutorial by David Hilbert
White Sands,  NM
White Sands,NM
David Hilbert, Oaxaca Travel Photographer   
David Hilbert travel Writer photographer
Shoot low and high,
wide and tight for variety
This Book Takes the Mystery Out Of Getting
Your Travel Photos Published.

Part One
  • Make Marketable Photos that editors will pay to use

Part Two

  • How to find and approach the editors.
David Hilbert, Travel photographer based in Oaxaca, Mexico and Tucson , Arizona
Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos