Cuilapan Oaxaca, Historic Places in Oaxaca,

Within 40 miles of the City of Oaxaca there several pre-columbian ruin sites: Monte Alban, Dainzu, Yagul, Lambyteco, Mitla, Huijazoo, and San Jose el Mogote
Oaxaca in South Central Mexico has many historic buildings built during the  Spanish Colonial era.  
Cuilapan, a church and convent was constructed in 1555
Other Historic Places in Oaxaca
The Cuilapan Church, a Dominican project that started in 1555
The Cuilapan Church is located on the town of Cuilapan De Guerrero a few miles west of Oaxaca city.
The monastery was built on top of an ancient ruin site.  Nearby the ruins, the remains of a house built for the Cortez  family is now just a wall and doorway.
The former cell rooms of the friars now house an archaeological laboratory and storage area where archaeologists and students conduct research on  artifacts that come to the site from digs in Oaxaca State.
Dates of construction of the church are displayed in the Mixtec language, the predominant ethnicity of the indigenous population in 1555.
Cuilapan is one of Oaxaca's most historic places.
The monestary  was built as an open church in the 1500s.  There is a plaque dated 1555 in the back of the open church.
The building is now open to the public for tours and houses work and storage space for Oaxaca's archaeological projects.
Cuilapan Guerrero Oaxaca holds one of the oldest Historic Buildings in Oaxaca, Mexico, the Cuilapan Monastery.  The building was constructed in 1555 during the  Spanish Colonial era as a church and convent.
Cuilapan Oaxaca is one of the oldest Historic Buildings of the Spanish era in Oaxaca, Mexico,
Cuilapan Oaxaca is one of the oldest Historic Places of the Spanish era in Oaxaca, Mexico.  
Cuilapan Oaxaca building was constructed  in 1555 according to a plaque bearing that date
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