Copper Canyon Railway Stops at El Fuerte for Copper Canyon Trips
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Copper Canyon Train Tour On the Chepe Train
Copper Canyon Chepe railway through Mexico's Copper Canyon stops at El Fuerte
Train Travel Options
•        Chihuahua: The train starts its trip west at 6 am.  This is a good option for those that want the longest possible Copper Canyon train ride.
Cuauhtémoc An option from the eastern end for those that prefer to leave later in the morning.  The Copper Canyon Train leaves Cuauhtémoc at 8:30 am.
 Los Mochis: At the terminal of the track on the Pacific Coast, the Chepe Train leaves Los Mochis Station at 6:am each day and heads east for Copper Canyon and Chihuahua.
El Fuerte: on the western end where the Copper Canyon Train leaves at 8:55 am.  El Fuerte is a nice colonial town with sightseeing, hotels, kayaking, and secure train station parking in a private lot.  Many visitors use this station because the trains leave later in the morning and the most dramatic scenery lies between El Fuerte and the town of Creel in the center of the canyon park.
 Ticket Price and Reserved Seating.  If you are traveling east, reserve a seat on the right side of the coach for the best views.  Many people stand on the platforms between cars and photograph out the open windows.  Traveling west, the views will be on the left side once you pass Creel.  
First Class Tickets to Creel   $80 USD approximately one way.  Buy tickets in the station or from a conductor on the train.
Take a Copper Canyon rail tour from the Chepe Train and enjoy the lodges, the Copper Canyon village tours, and the adventure of Copper Canyon Train travel.
Copper Canyon fills some with dread: the Copper Canyon Railway traveling through four hundred miles of mountain wilderness under threat of bandit attack, Indians living in stone age caves, waterfalls just recently discovered, towns without roads, remote wild land, the last Mexican frontier.
That is all true of Copper Canyon, and for some, it is reason enough to book a train trip on the Copper Canyon Railroad.
Copper Canyon Train:
The Chepe train is safe, comfortable, and an elegant way to see the Copper Canyon.  The train offers daily 6 am trips from both Chihuahua in North Central Mexico and from Los Mochis on the Pacific Coast.  The trip takes 15 hours or so to cross the 400 miles where the train climbs to 8000 feet through 86 tunnels and 39 bridges on the north side of Urique Canyon.
  • Bus:  Estrella Blanca Bus reaches
Creel in the middle of the Copper Canyon park with daily service from Chihuahua through Cuauhtémoc starting at 7 am.   
 Car: Good roads reach the middle of the canyon to Creel, Divisadero, and San Rafael near Bahuichivo from Chihuahua and Cuauhtemoc.
Bike: Roads suitable for long haul biking reach the center of the park from the east.  Mountain biking is popular in the park and there are rentals offered at Creel.  
Hike: Dirt roads and hiking trails reach all of the Copper Canyon villages from west and east.
Copper Canyon Lodging
  • El Divisadero: The lodging at El Divisadero offers modern cabins built on the edge of the cliff with views  down into the canyons.  
Hotel Divisadero Barrancas is located at the cliff edge with views down into the junction of three canyons, Del Cobre, (Copper Canyon) Urique Canyon, and Tararecua.  The restaurant offers views while dining and some rooms offer balconies with a view.  The hotel offers a bar, café, reading room, souvenir shop, and parking for those that drive into the canyon.  The room rates start at 190 USD for a single in December and include breakfast.  Look just to the left of the train stop overlook for the hotel.
  •       Barrancas: The Posadas Barrancas Train Station is 2,5 miles west of the El Divisadero stop
Barrancas is a popular stop for visitors because of the views  and the access to hiking within the Urique Canyon and the availability of tours to Batopilas and the village of Urique.  Popular with tourist is the lodging at the Hotel Mirador Posada Barranca, (Posada Barrancas Mirador) a hotel the rim of the canyon.  The area is called Areponapuchic on some maps.  The hotel offers in room fireplaces, WiFi, and balconies overlooking the canyons.  Find hiking, horseback riding and helicopter flights, along with proximity to Tararecua Canyon and Tarahumara Ranch.

  • Creel:
The town of Creel is away from the edge of the canyon and offers a more budget-friendly range of hotel options and includes a bank and ATM machine, restaurants, bus service, and bus tours to the villages.  
Creel is the most popular train stop with tourists.  The village at 7644 feet is at the highest point in elevation along the train route.  The Hotel Margarita just down the hill from the train station is popular with independent travelers.  Rooms with hotel WiFi breakfast family style, $30 USD per night.  The Best Western Lodge at Creel with WiFi, TV, and spa is a popular option.  

Creel offers access to all the copper canyon villages with tours, bike routes, taxi, and bus transportation. Look for the
Three Amigos for rental trucks, bikes, and other resources.  
A good tour or bike ride here is the 12-mile road to Cusarare and the cave dwellings, the small mission church of San Ignacio, and the Cusarare Falls.
  •        Cusarare:  The Sierra Lodge in Cusarare offers rustic but comfortable
accommodations for around  $100 USD per person per night which includes three meals.  Most hotels in the area will include one or two meals, often with one complimentary drink at the evening meal, with the room rate.  Meals are family style.
  Bahuichivo: The train stop is handy for tours to the villages of Cerocahui, Urique, and Tubares.
 Urique: Located down in the canyon along the Urique River at 560 meters elevation, Urique offers the San Isidro Lodge.  Reach Urique from the Bahuichivo train stop, by road from Cerocahui, from Areponapuchic or from Creel.  

  • Batopilas: The lodging in Batopilas is rustic but beyond adequate. The Riverside
Lodge gets high praise from visitors.   Basic, clean, old charm.  $80 USD in a 200 year old mansion.  Batopilas is reached from Creel  by 90 miles of  paved and dirt road.  The steep switchbacks have kept Batopilas rustic and remote.  The town was once a wealthy mining community.
B&B Hotel Juanita is another option as is the budget option Hotel Mary

This is a rough overview; there is much more to the canyon including Basaseachi Cascade, the highest year round falls in Mexico, and the recently discovered Piedra Volada, a seasonal falls even higher.  The train can make it all accessible while the tour operators and hotels complete the package.

Copper Canyon is indeed a wild place but an accessible wild place, a frontier of immense natural wonders.
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