Copper Canyon Lodging, Divisadero,
Barranca del Cobre, Mexico

Divisadero is noted for its lodges on the edge of the canyons with lofty views. hotel on the cliff edge offers rooms with views down into Canyons Del Cobre, (Copper Canyon) Urique Canyon, and Tararecua.
The train stops at Divisadero, for 15 minutes to allow passengers some time at the overlook to three of the canyons.  
View from Divisadero into the Copper Canyon
The Copper Canyon Train stops at Divisadero to give passengers a look into Barranca del Cobre and to buy Tarahumara handcraft.
Copper Canyon Train stops at Divisadero
Copper Canyon view from Divisadero
A Divisadero Hotel
The Hotel Divisadero Barrancas is located at the cliff edge with views down into the junction of three canyons, Del Cobre, (Copper Canyon) Urique Canyon, and Tararecua.  

The restaurant offers views while dining and some rooms offer balconies with a view.  

The hotel offers a bar, cafe, reading room, souvenir shop, and parking for those that drive into the canyon.

The room rates start at 150 USD for a single in December and include  breakfast.

lodging options nearby are at the Posada Barrancas train stop.  
Train Stop and Lodging
Posadas Barrancas is another popular stop with tourist because of the lodging at the
Posada Barrancas Mirador, a hotel on the rim of the canyon with a Copper Canyon
Train station. These accommodations offer great views.
. A good van tour from the is 30 miles to the east to Cusarare and the small mission church of San Ignacio, the mushroom-like rock formations  and the Cusarare Falls.
The hotels and posada in Areponapuchi and Divisadero offer access to all the Copper Canyon  with walking tours, horseback, bike routes, taxi, and bus transportation.  Noroeste bus out of Creel serves bus routes to the villages along the train line.
The trains are managed by conductors in uniform and guarded by armed security.
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