Copper Canyon, Cusarare Falls Hiking and Biking Day Trip From Creel, Copper Canyon, Mexico
Cusarare Falls is one of the popular hikes and mountain bike rides in Copper Canyon because it is just 12 miles from Creel.  
Vans and small tour buses also make the trip from Creel and Divisadero
The canyons are located about 300 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer but due to differences in elevation, the villages experience huge diversity in climate.

In winter there could be snowfall in Creel at 7644 feet elevation while the village of Batopilas would be in tropical humidity with 80 degree temperatures.
  • Smoke in the Canyon
Forest fires can cause smoke to decrease visibility in the canyons and make photos less dramatic.  The dry season of May and June, before the rainy season,  is apt to be driest and most prone to forest fire.  

  • October through March is considered the best time to visit.      High Season March, April, Oct, Nov.
Christmas and Easter could be crowded as these are National holidays for Mexico
  • .Cash
Have a good supply of cash in small denomination pesos.  Creel has a small bank and ATM.  The small villages will have little cash to make change and might not be able to convert Euros or dollars.  
  • Bring warm clothing for the higher elevations.
Be prepared for the unexpected and the unconventional.  
The Copper Canyon area is huge, remote, rustic, and frontier-like in some places, modern in others.  You are not likely, however,  to find air conditioning and other modern touches in the villages.
Batopilas had its first auto road in the 1960s; you will find one ATM in a hundred square miles, Creel.
There is no direct road between Creel and El Fuerte or Los Mochis.  The accommodations might not be plush, no TV, no wine list, no concierge.

Have flexibility in your schedule.  Trains can break down, roads can be blocked.

  • Flights  
Flights from several U.S. cities serve to Chihuahua City  where you can book a rail trip on the Copper Canyon train
  • Train
The Train station is a short cab ride from the bus terminal.  Trains leave each day at 6:00 am from Chihuahua.
  • Bus
Book bus tickets through Estrella Blanca Bus to Creel in the Copper Canyon.  Noroeste Bus serves Creel from a different station in Chihuahua
Vans and small tour buses also make the trip from Creel and Divisadero
Tours visit the Cusarare Mission of San Ignacio from Creel and Divisadero
The road leads out of Creel at 7644 elevation and enters dirt track to the valley where rock formation resemble mushrooms. This valley is sometimes called Valley of the Hongos, Another is called Valley of the Monks.

Creel offers access to this valley via van and small bus tours, bike routes, and taxi.

This can be a good tour or bike ride because it is 14 miles of well used road.

Along the way find the Cusarare mission church of San Ignacio and further on the Cusarare Falls.  This area is also called Rio Conchos
Cusarare Falls, Cusarare, Chihuahua State, Mexico
Head south out of Creel to the large rotary and then turn southeast.  A dirt track parallels the paved road most of the way. Pass Lake Arareco.

Hikers can arrange taxi pickup from Creel at the end of the day or book lodging ahead for an overnight in  Cusarare.
Weaver at Lake Arareco
Weavers Child, Cusarare
Cusarare Falls
Weaver and Children
Weaver  in cave dwelling, Cusarare
Weaver  selling handcraft and apples
Weaver's handcraft for sale in cave home, Cusarare
Lodging Cusarare
The Sierra Lodge in Cusarare offers rustic but comfortable accommodations for around $100  USD per person per night which includes three meals.  Lodging should be arranged ahead.  

Some hotels in the Creel area will one complimentary drink at the evening meal with the room rate.  Meals are family style.
Cusarare Falls, Cusarare, Copper Canyon, Mexico
Phone Sierra  Lodge Hotel
(English or Spanish). 01-(698)893-5028
Dial 011 - 52  when dialing from the USA or Canada.
In the US  360-588-1290
Other Day Trips from Creel
Creel at 7644 feet elevation
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