Italy's Cinque Terre
Five Lands In Medieval Italy   
Hiking in the villages on trails between the vineyards.

Cinque Terre Villages, Where is Cinque Terre, The Five Lands For Hiking Italy's Coast

Reach Cinque Terre Hiking Trails

Reach the hiking trails through paths made by farmers to the the grape orchards and olive groves high above the Mediterranean Sea.  Views will be down on the five tiny villages tucked into the rocks between the beach and the steep hills.
Cinque Terre villages have resisted progress for a thousand years and still live by simple grape growing. Cinque Terre can be reached by train from Rome, Florence, Pisa, or Genoa, by boat from Pisa, La Spezia, and Portofino, and by road.

Check ahead or your trip if you will have an auto.  You will want to arrange for parking ahead of your trip.

Travel lightly in Cinque Terre, every road, trail,  path and walkway is uphill including the stairs to your hotel.

Reach Cinque Terre and the Hiking Trails

Trains from the south and north reach Cinque Terre. During the warmer months boats out of La Spezia, Pisa, and Portofino also serve the villages.  
Paved roads along the high cliffs above the villages also serve each town.  With the many ways to arrive, the Cinque Terre still has its remoteness.
The steep cliffs have have kept the five tiny villages tucked into the rocks between the beach and the steep hills from becoming overly developed.  You don't need an auto once in the villages so it is a good option to arrive by train.

Italy's Cinque Terre By Train

Reach each village by the local trains that run along the coast out of La Spezia  High-speed trains run from Rome to Piza or La Spezia.  Trains run from the north to Genoa. 

Reach Cinque Terre By Ferry Boat

Reach the villages by the ferry boats that nose onto the jetties and drop a gangway.  Boats run to the villages in the summer season.  The boats serve Cinque Terr from various ports along the coast including La Spezia and Portofino.
There are few roads in the villages. Cinque Terre's main link with the outside world is the local railway which weaves in and out of tunnels along the coast.  The villages are only a few minutes apart by train or coastal passenger ferry.   Otherwise you hike from village to village by a network of ancient trails.

The Five Lands

Five Terre describes the five small fishing villages built into the hills above the Bay of Liguria: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso.  One of the best preserved natural areas of the Mediterranean, Cinque Terre residents enjoy a life of fishing and viticulture which has created a unique landscape of stone walls and terraces.   
Gothic architecture, the extensive network of paths joining the villages along the border of sea, and the farming life make the Cinque Terre a place unique.
Located near the Gulf of the Poets, Cinque Terre attracted visitors  Byron and Shelly who tramped these coasts absorbing the climate, art, history, traditions, and the cuisine of Liguria.
 Portovenere and the nearby cities of La Spezia, and Lerici act as relatively modern bookends for the ancient villages of the Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre Weather

ICinque Terre will be casual dress throughout.  Hiking clothes for trail use between villages
The village have a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool Dec. Jan. 40s but no ice or snow, warm summers.  Travel lightly as there are steep hills everywhere including the main streets of the villages and the entrances to the lodging. June July August, 80s  possible light rain in Spring.  October is the wettest month.
Cinque Terre is north of Rome on the Mediterranean Coast south of Genoa.

The Cinque Terre Villages are on the coast of  Italy,  south of Genoa and north of  La Spezia.
Reach the villages by
train from Rome or Genoa, by auto on high-speed roads to La Spezia, by coastal ferry, or by walking along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
Cinque Terre Villages are connected by ferry boat
Cinque Terre Villages are connected by ferry boat

Cinque Terre

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