Chautauqua, New York Vacation

Chautauqua Institute

The institute can bring intellectual as well as physical renewal according to the literature. The Institute sprawls along the shore of Lake Chautauqua just south of the village of Mayville. The Chau, as some call it, is an enclave of higher learning where visitors can spend a week engaged in exercising the mind and spirit, studying Religion with visiting clergy, studying the arts, theatre, opera, writing, and orchestral music.  

This is Amish country. Watch for black carriages with bearded men in blue denim and a straw hat at the reigns of  sleek black standardbreds that prance elegantly through the villages. (standardbred and Percheron crosses in this area)
Bemus Point has a neat little tourist area for those that want to boat, shop, and eat. Bike trails run through these villages along Lake Chautauqua, and in the village of Jamestown where the DeziLu Playhouse celebrates the life of former resident Lucille Ball. Musical presentations and musical concerts and a museum and Lucy gift shop bring Lucy fans to Jamestown. Plenty of artisan shops complete this bucolic land of vineyards and nature preserves.
The notoriety of Chautauqua comes from two aspects of the region, the Institute of course, and the little-know, outside of this region, Chautauqua Muskellunge, a pike legendary in the lake and one that the State stocks from a huge hatchery near the boat launch.
Tour Chautauqua Lake on the 98-foot replica of a steam driven Paddle wheeler, the Memphis Bell
The Amish farmers in the region live a life of self-reliance such that the families can withstand the 200 inches of snow that can fall during the winter when the Lake Erie effect dumps three or four feet of snow, as much as 16 feet during the winter.
The Amish farmers follow a strict interpretation of the Bible and prefer not to use modern machines,
The Memphis Bell makes the rounds of the Lake Chautauqua ports including the Chautauqua Institute
Bike trails both on and off-road in the area
The Bemus Point Ferry
Lorraine has her chauffeur waiting when she flies in for a weekend of spiritual exfoliation.
Buildings on the site were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989)
On the opposite side of the lake, Bemus Point offers an old time hotel experience complete with Adirondack chairs.
Shopping in Bemus Point
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A Chautauqua, New York Vacation can bring intellectual as well as physical renewal. The Chautauqua Institute sprawls along the shore of Lake Chautauqua just south of the village of Mayville.
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