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Shopping Cassis, the South of France, Provence
Cassis, southeast of Marseilles on the Cote d' Azure, is the first of many beach and resort villages which include St Tropez, Cannes and Nice.
Cassis is noted for white wine of the same name, Cassis,  (not Cassis of Central France) and for its hiking on fjord-like inlets on the steep rocky coast. Cassis also has a  14Th Century castle (not open to the public)that dominates the cliffs above the beach and village and makes for a great photo. Cassis casino gambling keeps the nightlife lively.  
Cassis offers a sheltered harbor, cove-side restaurants, and tour boats that make trips to the secluded inlets.  Hikers go ashore to explore the steep cliffs, others walk along the shore and over the cliffs to the right of the village as you face the water.  According to the guidebooks, Winston Churchill visited and painted in Cassis, staying at the White Rock Hotel.
Fishing with gill net and long line is till part of life in Cassis but the harbor is nearly all given over to pleasure craft and tourism and includes a gambling casino that attracts large numbers of visitors from Marseilles.
Tour boats take visitors from the village docks and out along the sheer limestone cliffs into the fjords known as Calanques where boaters, divers, kayakers, hikers, and swimmers spend their day.
Cassis hiking in the Calanques in the South of France Provence can include a trip out of Marseilles for a twelve hour hike (Two Day) along the high cliffs on trails above the Mediterranean to the port of Cassis.  
Cassis on the Mediterranean has a great little harbor rimmed by waterside restaurants where you can board a tour boat for the Calanques
Hikers out of Marseilles can  make a twenty five km trip along the cliff trails to the port of Cassis
For beginning hikers, the trail from Cassis to Port Miou is a good short hike. (crowded on weekends)  Vehicles reach this port and many boaters use the inlet.  A little further on,  Port Pin makes a geed short hike.
A Drive From Marseilles on the D-559 will lead to hiking areas near Morgiou  Calanque and will give you a good look at a Calanques fishing village of the past.  
This Calanque and
Sormiou Calanque are  favorite rock climbing areas in the Calanques.  Parking is available at the trailheads. Restaurants in the villages
The ideal
climbing season is October through April. The exception to that is when Mistral winds make climbing difficult.  You can park in the village and hike the trails along the coast.

Hiking could be prohibited in this area due to fire hazard from the from July to the first week in September.
May and June and Mid September and October could be ideal months for a visit.
Cassis Hiking: There are fjord-like inlets along the rocky coast that hikers out of Marseilles or Cassis can  reach after a hike along the cliff trails.   Boats out of Cassis also take passengers for day trips or hiking and climbing.  
You can hike along the coast between Marseilles and Cassis and visit eight Calanques (inlets) large and small.
The eight Calanques in order if you are
hiking from Cassis to Marseilles: Port Miou, Port Pin, En Vau, L'Oule, Devenson Creek, L'Oeil de Verre, Sugiton, and Morgiou.  Sormiou is in the vicinity of the end of the GR 98, about 8 km south of Marseilles.

Many trails criss cross the Marseilleveyre cliffs or massif that looms high above the sea. Some trails will close due to fire hazard in July,  August,  and part of September.  The GR 98 (51)could be open year round.  The GR 98-51 follows the coastline  between Marseilles and Cassis and is the most heavily traveled and safest. (You are not likely to get lost) It is at least 15 miles  and can be a two day trip. You will need adequate water.  Port Morgiou cam be a handy way station for overnight stops.  A road reaches the port village.
From Marseilles, take a turn towards Luminy campus  off of the D-559.

The GR 98 Trail is designed for walking, not technical climbing.  A good map is handy to have.  Many trails are in the area.
  Callenonque can be a starting point from Marseilles or La Madrague  reached by bus from Marseilles
Cassis Hiking
Cassis, Calanques Hiking in the South of France can start with a tour boat ride to the Calanques
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Reach Cassis
Cassis Provence, can be reached by bus and train from Marseilles.     Cassis Gare SNCF (station)    The train station is about 2 miles uphill from the town and provides bus service to the casino about every hour, 7 am to 7 pm, summer.  A telephone is available at the station for calling a cab.
Hiking, Biking,  Vacation Rentals, Calanque boat rides, beaches, and the Casino Gambling are located within a short walk from the Casino stop.         
Bus Marseilles to Cassis
Fishing Boats are active in Cassis, the South of France, Provence
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