Cassis Casino Gambling in the South of France, Provence
Cassis Fishing Boat Provence
Cassis shopping, the South of France, Provence
Southeast of Marseilles on the Cote d' Azure, Cassis is the first of many
beach and resort villages which include St Tropez, Cannes and Nice.
Noted for white wine and fjord-like inlets on the steep rocky coast, Cassis
also has a  14Th Century castle dominating the cliffs above the beach and
village. (Not open to the public)
Cassis has a sheltered harbor, cove-side restaurants, and tour boats that
make trips to the secluded inlets.  Hikers go ashore to explore the steep
cliffs, others walk along the shore and over the cliffs to the right of the village
as you face the water.
The hiking trails run along the shore of the Mediterranean in the hill seen in
the background of this photo, right.
According to the guidebooks, Winston Churchill visited and painted in
Cassis, staying at the White Rock Hotel.
Fishing with gill net and
long line is till part of life
in Cassis but the harbor
is nearly all given over to
pleasure craft and
tourism and includes a
gambling casino that
attracts large numbers of
visitors from Marseilles.
Tour boats take visitors from the village docks and out along the sheer
limestone cliffs into the fjords known as Calanques where boaters, divers,
kayakers, hikers, and swimmers spend their day.  

The Cassis Casino can provide some nightlife after a day of hiking the
Cassis Casino provides some nightlife along with the many other
activities open to visitors.  Cassis is on Mediterranean in
Provence, the south of France and is a great place for hiking
beaching, cliff climbing and sightseeing.  The port side village
has a great little harbor rimmed by waterside restaurants where
you can board a tour boat for  touring the Calanques
On arrangement, the boat will drop you in the chosen Calanque
for your hiking or climbing.  The boat will then  pick you up on a
return trip
Just up the hill from the harbor find the Cassis Casino.    While traveling along the coast between
Marseilles and Cassis  you will find several Calanques (inlets)  popular with boaters and rock climbers
Casino Gambling is available in Cassis in the South
of France at the port of Cassis on the harbor
Cassis offers a port
side shopping area
Cassis wines,  red, white, and rose are produced in 500 acres of vineyards
on sheltered hillsides that face the Mediterranean Sea.    
The town of Cassis  does not produce the black currant liqueur called
Creme de Cassis which is made in Central France.
The Casino de Cassis  or Cassis Casino is located a
short walk from the beach and just above the harbor area
of Cassis  the department Provence-Alpes

The Casino  offers nearly 10,00 feet of floor space where
you will find 270 slot machines and 16 table games.

The casino also offers two restaurants.

Opens at  10am and runs until 4am for slot machine play.
 Table games start at 4pm in the afternoon and run until

Avenue du Professeur Rene Leriche
Cassis, Provence-Alpes 13650
Tel: 33 4 42 01 78 3

Table games:
the table games include Blackjack,  Boule,   Craps,  
Punto Banco, Roulette,  and
Poker:   Six poker tables
are available

La Suite  and L'oze  serve French cuisine-
Cassis in the South of France, Provence
Cassis Provence
Cassis in the South of France, Provence
Where is Cassis?   Use this
site to find GPS  coordinates
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Provence, France
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Cassis Provence, Hiking, Biking,  Vacation Rentals, Casino Gambling, Provence the South of
Restaurants to write home
about: Near Eygalieres   
When To Go To Cassis, Provence:   
Mid March to Mid November
is a good time to visit Cassis although November and March
will have more rainy days.  Winter months are without snow but could be cold and there could
be a Mistral wind.  Otherwise it rarely becomes extremely cold.  Provence biking and hiking
is good any season except that during July, August, and the first half of September some
woods and trails will be closed due to fire hazard.  The Cassis GR 98 will remain open but
other trails could close.    
The weather in Cassis is dependent on the Mediterranean Sea.
March, April (50-75 F) and
May and the early part of June are considered low season in terms of lodging prices.  The end
of June, and all of July and  August can be warm in the mid day and crowded at times as much
of Europe takes its summer vacation.  Much of France goes on a six-week July August  
vacation and many people head south to Provence.   
Summer months are warm and dry.  September to mid November offer low season vacation
rental prices.  Weather is ideal in May and June and September October, great months to visit.
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration in the summer, more frequent
November to March.  Cassis is notable dry in summer. The winter Mistral winds could close
the trails.  Mid March to Mid November will find most attractions open.
Cassis Provence, can be reached by bus and train from Marseilles.     Cassis Gare SNCF
(station)    The train station is uphill from the town and provides bus service to the casino about
every hour, 7 am to 7 pm, summer.  A telephone is available at the station for calling a cab.
Hiking, Biking,  Vacation Rentals, Calanque boat rides, beaches, and the Casino Gambling are
located within a short walk from the Casino stop.         
Bus Marseilles to Cassis

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