Carcassonne Southern France
Carcassonne Southern France Hiking, Biking, Sightseeing in Carcassonne, France
The Canal du Midi is a 17th Century link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
All Photos Copyright Willy Scholliers
Hiking in the mountains and biking on the canal du Midi are popular in the region of  Carcassonne.
World Heritage Site.

Carcassone offers Hiking and Biking along the canal where the featured attraction is Carcassonne and the Castle  called The  Chateau Comtal.
The tours of the site take you to the turrets and ramparts where you have great views of the town below and the countryside.

Carcassonne's small airport  is served by budget flights from Ryan Air out of London's Stansted and other European cities, making  the region accessible from Britain and most of Europe.
High-speed road access includes France's  A 7, a toll road that serves Carcassonne from Paris through Avignon and Narbonne.
Carcassonne's Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Nazarius and Celsus, dates to the 6th century AD with many rebuilding stages dating to the 12 century and later. The church organ dates to 1522.
Interesting Sights
Carcassonne Hiking,  Biking
Carcassonne's Canal du Midi, also a World Heritage Site, passes through Carcassonne as it joins the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The canal brings many opportunities for biking and walking.
When To Go
Carcassonne receives many European tourist in July and August, Europe's six week vacation.
Willy Scholliers (center ) is a Belgian-born traveler who is fluent in five languages including English and Spanish.
He has traveled most of Europe, the USA, Asia, and Central Mexico
Season: High, Mid, Low
High: July August
Mid:  April, May  June, September,    
October,and School Vacations
Low: November,December, January,      February, March:
Biking the Canal du Midi
Photos by Willy Scholliers
Carcassonne in Southern France Offers Hiking, Biking, and Sightseeing in a medieval walled city  on a hilltop near the Canal du Midi in Southern France.
The 12 Century site which has over fifty towers is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Provence, France
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Carcassonne Vacation Hiking, Biking  Southern France
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When To Go To Carcassonne, The South of France:   
Mid March to Mid November
is a good time to visit Carcassonne although October and
November will have more rainy days.  Winter months are without snow but could be cold in higher
elevations.  Carcassonne is about 400 feet above sea level.   Carcassonne biking and hiking is good
any season.
March, April (41f-60 f) and May(50f-70f) and the early part of June (60f-80f ) are less crowded and
pleasant times to visit.    The end of June, and all of July and  August (60f-80f) can be warm in the
mid day and crowded at times as much of Europe takes its summer vacation.  Much of France goes
on a six-week July August  vacation and many people head south.  July and August are high season
in Carcassonne   
Summer months are warm and dry.  September to mid November (40f-60f) offers fewer crowds and
good weather.  Weather is ideal in May and June and September October, great months to visit.
Showers could come in any month but will be infrequent in the summer, more frequent in October.
 Carcassonne is dry June, July, and  August.   Mid March to Mid November will find most
seasonal attractions open.
Carcassonne is in the Aude Department of Languedoc-Roussillon of Southern France.  Carcassonne can be reached by TGV train from Paris, by high speed road, and by air.     
Hiking, Biking,  Vacation Rentals, Canal du Midi hiking and boat rides, are located within a short walk or drive from Carcassonne
Hiking, France
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