At the Western end of the Cape Cod Canal, on the south side in Bourne, the trail ends at the railroad bridge, an elevating center span that,  when built ,was the longest in the country. Free parking is available at the bridge on both sides of the canal
Trains still cross this bridge, one a sightseeing and dinner train makes trips in the summer season
The canal gives boat and ship access to Buzzards Bay and Long Island Sound. Two small parking lots are near the bridge, accessed from Bell Road in Bourne.   Lack of signs makes this one hard to find.  
Free parking at both ends of the canal and a large lot in the middle give good access to nearly 7 miles of paved bike trails along the south side of  the Cape Cod Canal

Cape Cod Canal Bike and Walking Trails, South Side

Paved Bike Trails Beside The Cape Cod Canal
Cape Cod Bike Trail, South Side

Cape Cod Canal Bicycle and Walking Trail

Free Parking
Park for free at the Railroad bridge, two small lots on the Cape side.
Railroad Bridge Free Parking
Free large vehicle parking beneath the railroad bridge, Bourne.   Free parking at the (east end) Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center.  

Cape Cod Canal South Side Bike Trail

Walkers, roller bladers, runners, and bikers have nearly seven miles of flat paved trail to use and there is plenty of free parking,  Cape Cod Canal Trails run the north and south sides of the Canal make biking safe and fun
Seven thousand large boats go through the Cape Cod Canal each year, a spectacle for sightseers as tugs and pilot boats go out to escort the tankers and cargo ships through the canal.
A large free parking lot beneath the Bourne Bridge on the south side of the cana is the best bet for RV parking

Aptucxet Trading post offers a museum and recreated house of the early settlers to the area who traded with the resident Native Americans.  (Dated 1627)
Bike to the museum from the canal's south side trail.

Shawme Crowell State Forest, near the bike trail on the south side of the Cape Cod Canal in Sandwich, MA
Reservations .877-422-6762.  $14.USD
$12. Residents of MA + a $9.25 transaction fee, Otherwise register at the gate to avoid thebooking fee       Length limit 35 feet
The paved bike trail runs for 6.6 miles on the South side of the Cape Cod Canal for flat and safe, off-road biking  and great family biking, roller blading, walking, and dog walking.
Free parking at lots along the way make it easy for those that want a short trip. Large rig parking is best at the Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center on the south side east end at the overflow parking lot. ( parking beside Joes Lobster Mart near the marina)   beneath the Bourne Bridge, and at the railroad bridge, north side of the canal.  
For beginning bikers, note the wind direction as you start out. If it is at your back you will feel like Lance Armstrong on the way out but coming back will be another story. Don't go too far on your first trip.
Both the Bourne Bridge on the west end of the canal and the Sagamore Bridge on the east end have sidewalks on one side where you can walk your bike over the canal to ride both sides of the canal.   Look for a large free lot on the south side beneath the Bourne Bridge
The Sagamore Bridge in the distance has a walkway to cross the bridge.  Access the Sagamore from the Friendlys Ice cream shop, Park and Ride area on the north side or from the Christmas Tree Shop on the south side of the canal.
On the Cape Cod Bike Trail ,west end south side, find the private railroad station of Grover Cleavland, a summer resident
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Cape Cod Canal Bike and Walking Trail on the South Side of the Cape Cod Canal is a safe biking Trail with three large free parking lots offering access to over six miles of paved biking in Sandwich and Bourne
Cape Cod Canal Bike & Walking Trail, north Side
Cape Cod Canal Bike and  Walking Trail, West End on the north Side
Cape Cod Canal Bike and  Walking Trail, East End, South Side.
Cape Cod Canal Walking and Biking trails are made more accessible by RV and Tent Camping on Upper Cape Cod
Use the list on these pages to find Cape Cod tent sites and RV parks near the Cape Cod Bike Trails.
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The recreated windmill built by artist Joseph.
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The paved trails on both sides of the Cape Cod Canal are open to bikers roller bladesrs, wheel chair, baby carriage, and dog walkers.