Cancun Airport Transfer, ADO Bus, Local Cancun Bus
Reach Cancun
  • Cancun Flights
International flights reach Cancun International Airport: (CUN) where  ADO buses,
colective taxis and shared shuttles transfer passengers from Mexico's second
busiest airport after Mexico City.     

  • Cancun Bus Service
First class bus service connects to Cancun from Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Merida,
Campeche, Villahermosa, and Mexico City.  ADO buses serve east along the
coast on highway
307  to serve Chetumal and beyond the Belize border.
  • Auto:
New and well maintained roads connect all the cities within the State of Yucatan
and Quintana Roo.  

  • RV / Tent camping, Long Distance Bike Travel:
The Yucatan is flat for the most part and connected by well-paved roads
    ADO First Class Bus To Cancun
ADO Bus reaches Cancun from Mexico City and Southern Mexico via ADO first class bus and OCC Bus with
connections through Merida.  Reach Cancun also from Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Chetumal, Campeche,
Oaxaca, and Mexico City.  
Cancun Airport transfer could include first Class ADO Bus service
to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  Buses reach ADO's downtown terminal from the airport and local buses R-1 and R-2, just outside the terminal reach  the resorts in the hotel
Cancun Airport Transfer reaches
the Hotel Zone and Tortuga
Soberanis Hotel is near the Beach and near the first class bus station.  Good local bus transportation
to the hotel Zone and public beaches.  Budget Rates see photos and rates
See other hotels in Cancun
Ferry service to Ilsa Mujeres
runs from Cancun at several
locations for 17 USD
The local bus stops at Playa Tortuga for the public
beach, shopping, and the restaurants.
Cancun Airport Transfer Bus and Shuttle Transportation
  • ADO Cancun Airport Transfer
ADO shuttle buses run airport transfer from Cancun Airport (CUN)  to dowtown
Cancun for connections to the hotel zone, 12 mile distant.  
ADO runs buses from the airport to Playa del Carmen, 1 hour distant.  (ADO is  
recommended by frequent travelers to Playa del Carmen,)
  • Collective Taxi
Cancun Airport is served by collective taxis (colectivos) that run to the Hotel
Zone.  The colectivo is a good option,  This will be a shared taxi van that will
serve to the city and hotel zone.  Private taxis are not allowed to pick up at the
airport, they can only drop passengers off at the airport.
  • Public Bus
The public bus is not a good option as it will make many stops and could result
in a long trip. Bus could also be difficult if you have excess luggage.  
  • Shared Shuttle
A good option is the many shuttle services both private and shared that run to the
hotel zone, to the Cozumel ferry dock, and to Playa del Carmen from the airport.   
  • Private Shuttle
Search online ahead of your trip and book a shared or private shuttle for airport
transfer to the Cancun hotel zone, Cozumel boat dock, or Playa del Carmen.
Local Bus srevice In Cancun
  • Hotel Zone, Local Bus
Local bus service is plentiful in Cancun and operates
24/7 in certain sections including the hotel zone.  \Bus
route numbers  R-1 and R-2  cover the area between
the central bus station ADO and the hotel Zone.  
Frequent service by the R-1 and R-2 buses cover the
length of the hotel zone and include stops at public
beaches.  Buses marked R-15, and R-27 cover part of
the hotel zone.  
  • Local Bus Stops
The Local Cancun bus makes stops at designated
locations but you can hail the bus if you are between
  • Cancun Bus Fare
The bus fare is 8.5 pesos.
Reach Cancun public
beaches public bus service
route R-1 and R-2, through the hotel Zone
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Reach Chichen Itza via
ADO first class bus from

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Cancun Airport Transfer
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  • ADO Airport Bus Terminal
ADO provides an inexpensive shuttle to the downtown ADO Central bus
terminal, 50 Pesos, every half hour.

ADO to  Playa del Carmen, 110 Pesos, every hour.

ADO first class bus service is available at the airports terminal 1 and 2.   Buses
serve all parts of Southern Mexico and include service to Mexico City through
the ADO Terminal in downtown Cancun.
ADO bus service is available from Terminal 2, domestic and international
flights,  and Terminal 3, international flights.

For destinations other then Playa del Carmen  the bus service will take you to
Cancun's ADO station for 50 pesos.
  • Shuttle Bus within the Airport
A free airport  shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes between the two terminals but
they are within a ten minute walk.
  • Time Share Shuttle Offers
You are apt to encounter many sales people, time share sales people etc
offering bus service, transfer and the like.
Reacg Chichen Itza from Cancun