The Camargue horses roam free in the grasslands of the Camargue.  They are trained by the Camargue Guardian or cowboy for use in managing the black bulls used in the bull rings of Frnce.
Camargue Sightseeing In Provence, The Rhone River Delta
Camargue Sightseeing, Provence, The Towns of The Rhone River Delta
Camargue sightseeing in the South of France will reveal Gypsy legend, salt, white horses, black bulls, pink Flamingos, and legends along the Rhone River Delta about the Saintes Maries de la Mere.
  • Sightseeing
The horses of the Camargue can be seen roaming the huge grasslands or within enclosures.  They are an indigenous breed, some say, once wild and now protected.
  • Camargue Horses
The Camargue horses are protected by the government to keep the breed pure. They do roam free in the Camargue as a breeding stock and mate without intervention. The horsemen and women of the Camargue harvest them regularly for saddle horses.
  • Gardians
The white horses are used by the Camargue Cowboys, the  Gardians when they work the black bulls.  
In the Camargue of Provence Caravans head for the Rhone Delta and Camping in the Camargue
When vacation sightseeing in the Camargue you will see many Camargue Salt Works: What looks like sand is actually Camargue sea salt harvested from Mediterranean Sea water in huge evaporation pools that continue a tradition that goes back to Medieval times.
Sightseeing along the old canals north of the Camargue see remnants of Roman agricultural endeavors and the Medieval era salt works.  
Camargue Sea Salt is served  at the table. Called Fleur de Sel, by some packagers, this finishing salt is  sprinkled lightly on food to give the food a touch of salt without salting the whole meal.
The Camargue cottage, home of the Guardians, the tenders of the Camargue horses and bulls,  is a unique stucco and thatch dwelling. Many of these are rent to vacation sightseers.
Arles in Provence  is the gateway to the Camargue
  • White Horses
The Gardians cull the young horses for saddle horses.   
They are a gentle and intelligent horse possessed of stamina and agility and a liking for people.  
One source claims that the Camargue horses are a millenniums-old breeding stock used by Celtic people, Greeks,  Romans, Arabs, and others who lived along the Rhone or would come by ship to the mouth of the Rhone to cull out the young for war horses.   
  • Camargue Horse History           
Some researchers believe that the Camargue horse is pure and indigenous to the Rhone Delta and stems from a  primitive breed found  locally as fossilized bones.
Others link their traits to the Spanish war horse, their small size at  13 hands would have made them excellent shipboard travelers and their stamina and strength would have made them an ideal war horse.  At 13 hands they are technically a pony.

The immature Camargue horse is black or brown in color but upon reaching adulthood at about four years will turn to the familiar white color.
The Camargue Guardian uses the Camargue horse to manage the black Camargue bulls that they raise in the vast grassland of the Camargue.  Often they will pasture a Camargue horse with a herd of young bulls.  
Sightseeing  Nature Preserves
When sightseeing on the back roads of the Camargue and the nature preserves you will see the Camargue horses either roaming free in the grasslands or in enclosures in woods and fields.    
The Camargue,Provence, Sightseeing
Camargue sightseeing in the South of France will involve a search for the white horses of the Camargue.  You will see the horses roaming the flat grasslands.  The horses  are an indigenous breed, some say, once wild and now protected by the government to keep the breed pure.
Camargue Provence in the South of France sightseeing includes salt production on the Rhone River Delta, wild white horses in the flat grasslands, and black bulls raised for the bullrings of France.
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  • Saintes Maries de la Mer
Camargue sightseeing in the South of France could include the rental of a Camargue style cottage.
Camargue sightseeing will include glimpses of the Camargue white horses
Sightseeing Along the Rhone River Delta in the Camargue of Provence
 Rhone River
Camargue Sightseeing  on Rhone River Delta is possible by bike and tent  camping.  Fifteen campgrounds are in the area of the Rhone Delta.
Camargue Sightseeing on the Rhone River Delta includes bull festival and Camargue horsemanship
Camargue Sightseeing  Rhone River Delta
Aigues Morte
Northern Camarge
Port Saint Louis
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