Aix-en-Provence Tourism
Aix en Provence Tourism, Maps, Hotels, Walking Tours, The South of France
Aix-en-Provence: once the home of Cezanne and Emile Zola, Aix offers many options for tourism including walking tours, hiking in nearby hills and vacation rentals long or short term

An Aix-en-Provence  vacation can be full of history.  The city or great  color, and texture also claims one of the most beautiful streets in France.

Check with the Tourism bureau for maps and tourism information.  A shuttle train is available and there are maps of walking tours in the old city where there are many pedestrian streets.
Aix will offer a great deal of sights and sounds of Provence. Aix has house rentals apartment and vacation rentals right in the city or in the surrounding hills.
Aix en Provence you will find lots to do and see. Aix can be a good base to visit other regions because Aix en Provence has public transportation to other cities, and a TGV train station.  Rental cars are available for hiking, biking and kayaking excursion in the nearby hills.
The Lyric Arts Festival in Aix-en-Provence takes place during the month of July.
Aix-en-Provence offers what is claimed to be the most beautiful street in France, The  Cours Mirabeau
Vacation rentals in Aix-en-Provence are plentiful in the city where fountains are prized.  The Cours Mirabeau, has  a lining of  Plane Trees (Sycamore), sidewalk cafés, and several fountains, including  La Fontaine D'eau Chaude. (The Hot Water Fountain built in 1734)
The Cours Mirabeau offers 17th and 18 century hotels and villas and restaurants that line the broad sidewalk and make the street look like a suburban version of the Champs-Elysee.
Aix is a Great place for a
walking tour.
The Aix en Provence Tourism office will provide Maps, a list of Hotels, and maps of Walking Tours.  Follow the big I  for Aix-en-Provence Hiking, Biking, hotels or Vacation Rentals.
Aix en Provence 1505 Clock Tower
Aix en Provence Tourism,  Walking Tours, The South of France
Aix en Provence Tourism, Maps, Hotels, Walking Tours,
The South of France go to the big I for information
Aix en Provence Tourism offers Gothic Churches in the South of France
Aix en Provence Tourism, Shopping pedestrian-only streets
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations.
Information for those renting a vehicle in France
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from $60 USD double
The Aix-en-Provence Tourism Office is at the entrance to the city at the Cours Mirabeau

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Aix-en-Provence, July,
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