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Oaxaca hotels are often in colonial buildings detailed with Colonial Architecture

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Oaxaca hotels are often in colonial era buildings detailed with Colonial Architecture

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Oaxaca Hotel detail

Oaxaca Hotel detail

A Oaxaca City hotel located on a pedestrian only street can offer a quiet stay and pleasant walks from the hotel.

A Oaxaca hotel such as the Camino Real offers a restaurant and can offer convenient dining and room service

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Oaxaca Hotels vary in the features offered:

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Beyond that,  the section of the city and the street can make a difference.  A street that has continuous bus traffic can make an unpleasant stay while a pedestrian only street could be quiet and convenient.

Once you locate a promising Oaxaca hotel, look on the Google city map and the street view, if available, to determine the hotel's location and the availability of transportation to your desired vacation visits: museums, restaurants, shopping, sights, etc.
Oaxaca City is easily walked.

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Oaxaca colonial hotel detail

Lodging in Oaxaca City

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Oaxaca lodging convenient private home, walk to centro historico

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Oaxaca City hotels in the Centro Historico can offer decor of the colonial era.when many of the buildings were church property.

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